Thursday, July 26, 2012

WIP: A Standstill

I seem to be in a holding pattern around here. I looked up at my calendar today and thought?  The 25th!?!?!? After returning from our long family vacation, we had family arrive for a visit and I realize that my Symphony has only been touched ONCE this whole month.  Time to rectify that situation!!! 
 Diaper Clutch
I made this right before we left for our vacation.  I adapted a tutorial I found the night before we left. 

Yes.  I made something the night before we left.  I have definitely lost my mind! 
Stay tuned for more details this week!  With company in town, I just can't get my head together and I need to find the link again!

 Baby Boy Quilts for Twins

I posted details last week!!
In Progress:

 July's Bee block for do. Good Stitches.
Can I take credit for someone else's work?  
I know it is cheating!
  I just wanted to share what has arrived on my doorstep so far!
FANTASTIC, no?  If you are looking for a tutorial I posted links last Tuesday!
No Progress:
Retro QAL (very few blocks pieced)
Twin quilt for nursery (still in design stage)
Christmas quilt (top unfinished)
Baby girl quilt kit
Thank you quilt 
Merry, Merry Snowman BOM

New Projects:

Name Swap

I joined a quilt swap in June, thinking that I would have a ton of time to get a quilt done.  I missed out on Samelia's Mum's first round and was determined to join the second round!
However, it needs to be done the 31st.
  Commence chuckling at me NOW!

Seriously, don't stop laughing.......I just realized I couldn't link up with Freshly Pieced because it is THURSDAY.

Yup...that is my life right now!


  1. you are a busy girl!! Love that diaper clutch..Great idea!

  2. Those blocks look amazing!!!!!!
    I love the quilts for the twins!

  3. Deep breath and pne thing at a time :o) The name game swap deadline came very fast here too. I "pulled my finger out" last night and I think I have it finished, well except for the label. I now have three days to do another mini quilt :( We need a few extra days this month :o)

  4. Hah! I could have written this post. Vacation takes so much out of us. Planning, going, unpacking, recovering. And we are traveling a ton this summer! I didn't even bother to do WIP Wed. All I've got is more hexies.


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