Friday, July 27, 2012

Quilted Diaper Clutch

Doesn't the sound of Diaper Clutch sound so sophisticated?

Right before our trip, I bought a Vera Bradley Backpack for our trip to Washington D.C.  When we travel, I like to carry backpacks instead of diaper bags or purses.  I find that it is easier for one of us to sling it on our backs when we have to park the stroller for exhibits at museums, rides at amusement parks, or hiking up stairs when we have to leave the stroller behind.

Summer Cottage by Vera Bradley

The only problem is that, normally, our backpacks are cavernous dark black holes and I am always digging for my diapers.  I am also guilty of owning a black wallet and black bags for items because it just looks clean and neat to me.

I have seen several diaper bags that ladies use, but they all incorporate a changing pad.  However, Button is really getting to the point that we are doing diaper changes so quickly, the pad seems pretty pointless when you are spending half the changing time wrapping it all back up.

It seriously took me about an hour to forage on Google to find a pattern/tutorial I liked.

Until I found I Still Love You!  

She had me at "Poopy Clutch"!

She has three different patterns.
Two NO-sews and one for those who actually like to take off the dust covers of our machines!
And I hope she doesn't mind that I did my typical "tweak" by doing a quilted version!

I rummaged through my fabrics and tried to find a coordinating blue fabric for mine.  I wanted to go outside my comfort zone and go NON-BLACK!

I sandwiched the blue dotted fabric, scrap cotton batting, and Kona Deep Blue and bit larger than the pattern that Melissa provides!

Note: Since it was late at night right before we left, I did not take pictures of the process!

I decided to mimic the diamond quilting on the backpack, however, I opted for a larger diamond and used the dot pattern to guide my size.

I then trimmed it down using the pattern.  I opted to pull out some old bias tape I had in my stash...time was the making it myself!

The tutorial Melissa provides basically requires a button stud, but I knew that Mr. Boss would not stick to my ONLY three diapers rule, so I opted for a button and elastic!

I also could see the fact that they way she has you secure them, you have gaps.  I pictured the boys pulling it out of my bag and all of it falling out on the ground, so I just took a bit of extra time and did a small ladder stitch along the entire edge of the bias tape to secure the bottom three "flaps" together!


All in all, I am EXTREMELY happy!!
I can find it really quickly in my bag!

It holds one wipe case, three diapers, and a tube of Desitin on a regular basis, but I think I caught Mr. Boss stuffing 7 in there one day when I suppose he anticipated a lot of action!

BTW....I really like her site!
 CUUUTE stuff!!!


I cannot wait to hear what you have to say! Seriously! It makes my day!


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