Sunday, October 24, 2010


"A Bug's Life" desktop wallpaper (1024 x 768 pixels)
Bugs in my computer!!!  UGH!!!  Of course, Murphy's Law was the order of the day since Friday. 

It started with my husband butting in line at our home coffee machine.  I had just finished running the "rinse" mode and was dumping the dregs in the sink.  I turned around to put my coffee cup under the spout, and what do I see....My husband filling his cup with what I would claim as M-I-N-E.  I tried not to be annoyed.  I patiently waited him to fill his "to go" cup and anticipated in finally having my cup of java.  Then the machine mockingly told me the water tank was empty and needed to be filled.....


A rundown of that spectacular day?  My computer blinked that I had a few viruses that my computer was quarantining for further review.  Good news, that it was saavy enough to catch the evil doings, right?  Wrong...the computer took it upon itself to shut down my access to the internet.  No internet shenanigans for me.  Humph. 

Then, our dog, Prancer, decided that I needed a 30min exercise in the game of chase.  She felt it was a much better activity to bark at the lawn guys, then come in so I could shower. 

Suprisingly, I made it to the doctor's office early for my appt.  Little did I know, I was to wait an hour in the waiting room.  Then after calling my co-worker to say I would be late for work...I was told that she would be missing the appointment she was planning to go after we did our shift change.  Who felt like a big heel? ME!  Especially when she had covered my shifts for a sick kid last week!

Finally my name is called and I get in the office to step on and stare at the scale.  10lbs gain since the beginning of my pregancy.  Too bad it was all gained over the past 5 weeks.  According to the doctor, not good. 

We hear the baby well on the doppler.  Hip, hip horray to baby cooperating!

Doctor comes in and I ask if I could get the flu shot.  That would be a no-go.  They gave the last one a few minutes ago!

I won't bore you with anymore details.  I just can promise you that Murphy's Law was wreaking havoc on my life that day and it continued to haunt me through the weekend.

What is Murphy's Law, you say?  "If anything can go wrong, it will."

But I have to say...without having my nose in the computer, I was able to get a lot of chores AND sewing done.  Hopefully, my computer "guy" can hook me up again so I can post a few pictures!!!

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