Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Cards

This isn't the photo we used for Christmas...have this one blown up to hang in our home!
Checkout Kristi O'Connell Photography if you are in the Houston area....we loved her work!!!

I am so sad....This is the first year I am not making a "homemade" Christmas card in (I think) 6 years.  Hubby convinced me to use Tiny Prints for our Holiday photo card.  Normally, I spend a few hours tweaking a photo on photoshop, then a day or two writing my Christmas letter, and then a week or two making about 150 cards for family, friends, and hubby's co-workers.

This year, we had a pretty nice coupon from Tiny Prints (sorry, can't divulge my sources on this one) and he insisted (for the reason that the source would be disappointed that we didn't use it!).  I will have to admit, it was fun to choose a template, but it still stabbed me in the heart!  And if you are interested, they are running a few good deals right now for the Holidays!

So I guess I will have to put my "Heidi" touch on my Christmas letter.  Maybe stamping or something?!?!?

P.S.  Today I finally showed my hubby my wee blog.  Now I have to watch my step!!!!


  1. Thanks to a great photographer! I love it because it says everything about us! We are a family that loves to laugh and smile!


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