Friday, August 31, 2012

Utility Aprons

Didn't I promise you that I would tell you about these aprons I made last Friday and only gave you a sneak peak?

I picture you sitting at your computer, phone, or iPad....tap, tap, tapping your fingers...holding your breathe....then puffing it out.   You yell at the computer....WHERE IS THE POST SHE PROMISED!  I am totally kidding....I know you aren't. You have so much more on your mind than that. 

 At least you better!

But I do want to share with you how they came about and what tutorial I used!  If you recall, I used to work at my sons' school as the clinic nurse.  I already was friends with many of my co-workers, even before that, but my friendship with one particular person blossomed even more while I worked with her.  She runs the desk at what we sometimes called the "little campus" where the pre-K 4 year olds and Kindergarteners were.  The main clinic where I was parked at is at the "main campus". Because of that distance, she manages the wee ones bumps, bruises, and fevers.  I was only called over for things that we needed to consult on more serious issues or the "uhhhh, we got creepy crawlies over here....time to check a whole class worth of heads" get what I mean, right?

 The two campuses are only separated by a driveway, but when there is an emergency?  It can feel like two miles!! How do we know if there is an emergency?  We used a walkie talkie.  You have to carry yours around you all day long.  I made this little bag when I first arrived so that I could stash not only the walkie talkie, but my cell phone, and keys to open the exterior doors of the buildings.  

November 2010

I also made her a version with the school plaid material.  Unfortunately, she has a heart the size of the entire Earth (remember Meemah's quilts?) and gave her little bag to a sweet little girl who thought she could have it!  Since she gave me the quilts earlier this year,  I have been meaning to make some gifts for her.  She mentioned different things here and there and as the new school year approached I thought I would focus on getting the things done before the school year ended, right?

Recently, I pulled out this little bundle from my stash for her that I have been hoarding.  

It was bought on a whim from the basket of clearance goodies at Joann's fabrics and I sorta coveted it because I liked the vintage feel.  I was short a few fabrics for other projects, but I was able to squeak out a utiltity apron for her.  She can slip her pen, walkie talkie, and paper for writing down her lunch order numbers and any other goodies she would like to have on her!

I found this great utility apron tutorial via UCreate at Rosey Corner Creations.  Trust me, I am saving you hours of searching!   It was a perfect size and I liked that her tie straps were substantial and long enough to wrap around a normal sized woman...not a skinny child! And the ability to have more than a few mixes of fabric really appealed to me.

As luck would have it, I had just enough scraps for the outside of a mini-tote....found a coordinating fat quarter for the inside...and she could use it to carry her walkie talkie if she didn't want to wear an apron that day.

I, then, had some tiny scraps left over and made her this quilted camera strap like the one she has been coveting since I made mine here.

But, of course I couldn't stop there.  I had to make an apron for the school years theme which involves  Cowboy boots.  So I grabbed some scraps of the school plaid and added some denim and bandanna material.

Since Halloween would be around the corner, I found some orange and yellow Moda swirl in my stash and coordinated it with some black gingham and a leftover strip of Moda Trick or Treat from my Spiders and Webs quilt.

Still not done.....

Christmas!   Moda Dots and scraps from my Figgy Pudding Quilt I am working on!!!

I started preparing and cutting last Thursday, and completed them Friday afternoon.  Not long at all.  I delivered it Monday, and she loved them.  She put one on right away.  The only problem?  I am vastly worried that I will arrive at our scrapbook retreat in a few weeks and she will have something for me.  She always is giving and I can't keep up! 

Do you have any friends like that?


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  1. Wow! Those look great! I love the first bundle of fabrics. The theme aprons are a lot of fun too.

  2. Very pretty aprons. Yes, I have a friend like that.......

  3. Love love love those aprons!!! I want one of each, please. :D

  4. These aprons are so pretty, all great color combos! I have a similar floral bundle that I picked up at Walmart a while back and I have been hoarding it too. They are so soft!

  5. Great gifts!!!! I need one...I am going right now to check out the link! Thanks!

  6. Look at you go!! AWESOME gifts :)...Love them all and I am so like you! I use every little scrap I can.Especially with a fabric I love.

  7. those are so cute!
    I need to make some aprons! :)

  8. Oh my goodness! That first bundle of fabric is to die for! I love it. The aprons are so cute! I might make some for my mil she does a lot of voluteering with the kids club at church and i could see that coming in handy. That was so sweet of you. I bet she was so excited to get those.:)

  9. I love your fabric cute!

  10. You have been the productive one :o) I love your fabric choices. hugs

  11. Wow you did so many and they all look fabulous.


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