Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WIP: Missing in Action

I have been terrible about sharing my in progress projects lately!  I have been jumping in with finishes, which isn't really what I like to do around here.  However, two separate Spring breaks spanning the month of March about dug me in a grave!  I love my boys being home.  I love a break from homework.

  But the house gets slightly VERY chaotic around here!!

Finishes (since my last visit to WIP Wednesday)

Tumbleweed Quilt

Going from recent to oldest.  I just finished my Rodeo quilt this past weekend!  

The quilt that is a nod to our Houston Rodeo that I love and adore every year.  
This quilt has been stolen from me.  You HAVE to go see by whom.

Primarily Sean's Quilt

Finished this right in time for an Easter visit from my sister and her gang!

Whether I would finish it WELL was a shaky at one point, but I am pretty darn happy with the finish and I still loved his name foundation pieced on the back HERE.

Spiders and Webs, part deux

My second go round with my Spiders and Webs tutorial.  

It is staying home.  Two of the three quilts in March are mine, mine, mine....or *cough* "ours".

Snowflake Row

 I have to admit, I was asked if I'd like to join the Winter Wonderland Round Robin when I was under the influence of pain killers in December.

When I came back to my normal lucid? 
I was thinking, "What did I sign up for?  A tutorial?  For a whole ROW!?!?? Not a block?"

But it all worked out.  It even got me to finish fixing my EPP tutorial from last November.
 I am pretty excited about finishing the other rows in the Round Robin.
  Not too late to join in!!!

In Progress
Do. Good Stitches 

Scrappy Feather Block

I'm late.  March blocks.
One down, one to go

Cat in the Hat

My other nephew's quilt is in the cutting stage. 
He is my godson, so I have to do this one perfectly this time! 

When I started cutting, I started to get concerned about the massive EXCESSIVE amounts of fabric I had ordered. ( not order fabric under the influence either, okay?) I was a bit intimidated at the thought of making a bunch of Dr. Seuss quilts for my Etsy shop.  I REALLY didn't want to do that many quilts with this fabric.  Luckily, a good friend has given me an idea...but it is top secret since my sister already knows about the quilt.  Some things must remain sacred around here!

Blush Quilt

I have finally had some time to dive in on the quilt I am making for my aunt that was diagnosed with breast cancer this past summer.  She is still fighting, so I want to send this too her ASAP.

I have made my block fabric choices and am still auditioning background fabrics.

 From Left to Right:  Stone, Pale Flesh (ewww for the name, right?), Snow
 Getting ready to cut out.  Which one do you like?

Stars and Stripes

This hexie quilt is clipping along at a decent pace.  I have almost all of my blue/white rows sewn together.  Not only the rows themselves, but rows together.  Just three more left to make the rectangle. 

Layout phase

I have had to take out the cardstock as I have been working because it was getting so large and difficult to take along with me.

Action shot.  Watching a movie.  My lap is fully covered!

  I am also getting excited because I now have a plan on what I am going to do with it and now can go back to the original design with the borders from the pattern (I was leaving them out before).  

New Project

Look what came in the mail two weeks ago.  

Hex on the Beach with Tula Pink!

Can you say?
However, I have laid down the law.  I am not allowed to start basting those sweet little hexies until Stars and Stripes is done.  There.  I said it.  It's in writing.  

Linking up with Lee

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Did I tire you out after this post? 
I tired myself out!


  1. You have some fantastic finishes AND some great WIPs here! Loving it!

  2. Whoa - you've been busy! Thanks for the paperclip idea on paper piecing, that will be even easier for me :)

    Can't wait to see what you make with the Hex on the Beach. I love Tula Pink so much!

    1. So glad I could help! I went overboard on trying all the techniques! I can't wait to do Hex on the Beach too...but I will be patient and finish the other project first *sigh*

  3. Lots going on here! I enjoyed it all and didn't get tired at all!

  4. You have to tell me where you got the Hex on the beach kit from as I am having difficulty locating it ....... just hoping that I have not left it too late :(

  5. wow so many beautiful projects here. I really like your letters binding, such a cute detail.

  6. Wow - lots of great projects on the go! Love those star hexies!

  7. Love your hexies. The stone is definatly the right solid. The white is ok but the pale flesh is a bit pink... At least that's what sings for me...

  8. Great hexies! Love the stars in the hexi block.

  9. I love the Hexies, I think I better make one too! I think it's charming that you appliqued black stars in the blue quilt--so beautiful, what a great idea. Congrats on your finished projects as well.

  10. Wonderful finishes and your feather block is fantastic. I can't wait to see your WIP finishes. Great restraint on not jumping into the Hex on the Beach yet.

  11. You've been busy! Great finishes for sure...can't wait to see how the Stars and Stripes turns out!

  12. Those are some terrific finishes and WIP's. BUT Hex on the Beach - it would be hard to not start on that one!

  13. What a terrific collection of finishes and WIPS :D I love your wide range of styles here. The stars in the hexies - that's cool.


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