Saturday, May 11, 2013

Go Faster Box Bag

Last week, I finished the last hexi rows for my Stars and Stripes quilt.  

I still need to applique the stripe rows on their backgrounds, address my stars on the hexagon blue star panel, piece the sashing and borders, oh...and quilt and bind! So there is still quite a bit to go.  However, I am feeling very good about getting it done by the end of June like I had hoped.  Memorial Day weekend might be out of my reach, but it IS possible.  We shall see.

And since I finished the last stripes, like I promised myself...

I get to start my Hex on the Beach quilt!!! 

There are still plenty of opportunities for me to be EPPing on the go!

And because I have spent a bit of time on projects for others, I felt like I had earned a special small project for ME!

She is cute, right?  
The Go Faster Box Bag from the HexaGoGo book!  

It took me a few hours, but I have to say it is pretty cute.  I used some fabrics I had acquired on an Instagram destash by Don't Call Me Betsy!   The only thing I added from my own stash was the Painted Canvas by Laura Gunn.  If ever you need a textured solid, I HIGHLY recommend it!  It is really nice design.  And of course.  I have to let you know about some of the changes and some of the foibles I encountered.  I must promise you.  Pattern and instructions are wonderful.  It always makes a project so much smoother!!!!

First off, I did not have a good fusible interfacing.  It says in the book heavy, but I don't think she ever meant for someone to use Pellon's double fused interfacing.  It was all I had on hand and I did not want to go on a interfacing run.  It just isn't my nature to buy something when I can make do with something I already had.  I ended up fusing muslin to one side and the side and bottom panels on the others side. 

It stands up nicely, but stitching it together was NOT fun. 
I also added a pocket to the end.  The one thing I like to do when I am on the go is to have my scissors handy at all times.

Hindsight, I wish I had thought of it before I stitched it together.  I ended up hand stitching it onto the side panel.  It works, but I would feel more comfortable with a lined pocket for scissors, perhaps even the full size of the side panel.

Inside?  I added a small fabric tube with a velcro tab at the end.  

I have bobbins on mine because my spools are huge.  I tried to wind some thread from my big ones onto smaller spools I had, but had no luck.  Anyone else try that?

I also added a small felt pad on the inside for my needles. 

 I tend to just thread them through any bag/pouch liner and thought using a small white rectangle might be smarter to find it more easily?  I don't know, but it is fun.

And can we just address the hexagons?  Are these roosters?  I nabbed them on a Instagram destash.  The pattern calls for 1/2 inch hexagons, but I didn't have anything really I went with 3/4" hexagons!

Things have been crazy around here (when are they not, may I ask?) and I am really itching to do another to-go bag.  
So don't be surprised to see one in the future.


  1. I love you bag and hey, if you really want to do another I can always send you my address ;) hugs

  2. I love your enhancements to the pattern.

  3. The hexies are growing and looking great. Love the little bag. It's perfect for your projects.

  4. HOW CUTE IS THIS! Love it, definitely need to check out that book and make one of these for myself!

  5. sew cute! I was planning to make a bag from the same pattern (just got the book last week) and I love your add ons!


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