Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Which Way is UP? {WIP Wednesday}

I honestly have no idea which direction I am coming or going this week!   At this point?  I'd just like someone to say, "Hey....the sun is up THERE!". 

When I hear moms complain that school couldn't come soon enough for them? I just can't even imagine.  School is only a week into the new year.  Homework and school sports are already in full force.  I want summer back!!!!!

Things are hit and miss with time now, so I have been taking advantage of naps and the wee hours between sending the older boys to school and little man rising. It isn't a lot, but it seems to be just enough for me!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


Monday, I was commenting.... whining that I had seven quilt tops waiting to get on my machine.  I am happy to say that that number is now five!!!

I get to bind, bind, bind next.  My absolute favorite part!  Can't wait to share the final quilts!

In Progress:

Ironic that two of my projects this week are from the HexaGoGo book?  Nope. I just love these projects!

Stars and Stripes

I finally sat down with my scrap stash this weekend and managed to get the pieces for the border cut and the blocks pieced.

  Now to just finish piecing the blocks together!

Argyle Quilt

I was moving quickly last weekend, but have slowed a bit the past few days.