Thursday, June 19, 2014

Nosegays {Quilt}

By some might be said of me that here I have but gathered a nosegay of strange flowers, and have put nothing of mine unto it but the thread to bind them.

I eyed and eyed this lovely stack of reproduction 30s prints in my catalog for over a year.

I finally pulled the trigger and was so excited when they arrived on my doorstep.

But it was short lived.  I was stuck on what I would actually do with them. I knew the quilt would be just for me, but what kind of pattern?  I spent an extensive time looking at vintage 30s quilts.  The same ones popped up that intrigued me.  But the nosegay won the competition. 

Then I had to really think about what the process was. How vintage did I want to actually go?

I decided to go more than vintage.   English paper piecing.   I knew we had a trip coming up and my Hex on the Beach quilt is getting too big to take along.  It seemed like a marriage made in heaven.

Fast forward to our return.  I couldn't help myself and decided to piece a few of the basted shapes to make sure I made good choices for my fabric selections.

I could not be more pleased at the moment.

I can't decide which one I like more.

I wouldn't say I love every single print and combo, but I wanted to make sure I spread out and represented each color.

I need to slow down on the piecing of blocks because I just recently was able to cut background for basting those shapes, so there is still quite a ways to go.

But certainly a project that I am really enjoying!


  1. I love this bouquet pattern! I don't remember having seen it before, such a pretty EPP pattern, and your fabrics are perfect. I've got about a billion basted hexies I need to sew together, but I'm anxious to move on to some other shapes soon...

  2. I love your blog, the nosegay is great in those colors. Thank You Heidi, I got your blog.


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