Saturday, July 12, 2014

You Don't Have to Try So Hard

Throughout my life, I have often tried to be someone that other people expected me to be. Or thought I should be. Or thought I already was. 

I read an article last night about the song, Try by Colbie Caillat. She wrote it because she felt she was being pressured to do more. More make up. More hair extensions. Just more.

I watched it and it struck a chord. 

I don't really have problems like she is fighting against. I've never felt I NEEDED to wear makeup.  I really don't wear it much.  And I don't feel pressured that I need to run and get slim.  I just want to be a bit healthier. That makes me happy to the core. 

It struck me that I don't often trust that my inner self is liked by others.   That I'm just not enough for others. I'm enough for me. But not them.
Which makes me start questioning whether I'm "enough" in general. 

 It prompted me to file through all my facebook photos to look at me. The "Heidi" I post to my friends and family. A real hard look. 

My immediate observation was how happy my family appeared to be with me.  
They love me, for me. So that should be enough. 

And that's all that matters.


  1. You are beautiful inside and out and that is never more obvious than in the photos with your family. Thanks for the reminder that I need to be present in more of my family's photos - our children don't look at us with a critical eye, they see love and comfort and support and safety, not wrinkles and flabby bits! Loved this post.

    1. Awwww...Kellie! So sweet!

      It's interesting that you say that about the family pictures. It dawned on me that I am not in many. Some of those photos go waaaay back. It dawned on me that I'm either behind the camera or I'm "not looking nice enough so don't take a picture of me today" moods. I have gotten better in the more recent years because a family member mentioned that she is in hardly any of the family scrapbooks and she said she regretted it. And often, when you look back at yourself, you realize you didn't look as "bad" as you thought you did at the time!

  2. that's right and some one that doesn't like you ,it's their problem not your


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