Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Buttered Pecan and Coconut Blocks {Perfect 10 Sampler Quilt Along}

 It's week 2 of the Perfect 10 Sampler Quilt Along with Fat Quarter Shop
If you haven't heard of it or you haven't started yet, it isn't too late!  These next blocks are a mixture of simple HSTs and corner square blocks to make interesting finishes.

This week, the sampler requires two Buttered Pecan Blocks and one Coconut Block.

Buttered Pecan Block 

My absolute favorite ice cream is Pralines and Cream. I love pecan pie. I LOVE PECANS. 

Since pecans are my favorite, I scanned my stack of fabrics and decided that I had to pick my favorite fabric.  I have loved this print since I acquired it.  It reminds me of my childhood books that were passed down from my aunts and mother.  

The incredibly fun orange print and the coordinating purple just makes it shine!
I think if you are planning a full quilt with this block? I would definitely be thoughtful of two fabrics working well with each other in each block.

I kept thinking of the sugar coated pecans in ice cream while piecing these blocks that I ended up running to the store to get some ice cream......

Coconut Block
I happened to be watching the movie, Practical Magic, when I was putting this set of blocks together and the lyrics "She put the lime in the coconut, she drank 'em bot' up..." from Harry Nilsson's Coconut song wouldn't leave my head.

 I KNEW I had to choose a green fabric for this block!

I find this block super interesting in a full quilt.  There is a really interesting secondary pattern that I would be tempted to explore with low volume fabrics as the blocks and a solid color as a background.

If these blocks have you interested and you need more information about this quilt along?
 Just click below to learn more about the quilt along!

 If you want to see other quilters ideas with these blocks, I encourage you to check out these other bloggers.  We are all posting our versions today!

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