Monday, January 9, 2023

Sew Scrappy Spools {Quilt Along}


I am so excited to start of this new year with a quilt along!!! I'm sometimes a more of "binge" kinda girl when it comes to quilts, but Fat Quarter Shop always entices me to join their block of the months or quilt alongs like the Sew Scrappy Spools to take it easy and enjoy each "episode" at a time.

I have wanted to do a spool style quilt for quite awhile, so this one designed by Lori Holt excited me with its different style blocks. 

Her patterns and blocks have not let me down over the years!

Every month throughout the year, we’ll be sewing different blocks from the pattern. To join the year-long Sew Scrappy Spools Quilt Along, gather your scraps and supplies so you’re ready to start on January 12.

Kimberly will be sewing with Calico by Lori Holt for Riley Blake Designs

You can tune in to Fat Quarter Shop’s Friday Livestreams every month to see her progress and check out the video below where Lori and Kimberly discuss the Sew Scrappy Spools Quilt Along!

I have chosen
Bee Plaids by Lori Holt 

with Bee Plaid Backgrounds by Lori Holt.  

Spools are Bee Cross Stitch in Pebble and Bee Cross Stitch in White for my sashing and borders. 

I'm especially excited about the backing I chose. Bee Backings in 108" wide.  It is just so perfect with the spool blocks on the front!

The Sew Scrappy Spools Quilt is 72.5″ x 90.5″ finished. Be sure to grab anything you need from the optional supplies listed below.

I know it has been a bit since I have blogged. I have had my hands full since returning to work as a school nurse and then sideswiped by a pandemic.  I have been able to get back on my feet and started quilting regularly this fall. It would great to see some "old" quilting friends with me on this journey!!

Tomorrow is the kick off for the first block. 

And I can promise you, it is NEVER too late to join in. 

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