Monday, June 12, 2023

Shall We? {Quilt Showcase Scrapbook}

 Are you in the mood to be reintroduced to some older projects?

In 2018, our family made a big move back to Texas and we had a lot of changes. Two boys graduating simultaneously, my husband opening his own business, and my reentry into the workforce were just a few distractions. The first thing to go to the wayside was keeping up with my blog. Some projects did make it on the blog, but I depending what was going on in our very full and busy life, it was often a time issue.

I love my blog because it's a journal of all of my projects, so I decided to have what I am calling a Summer Showcase of the quilts.

I actually spent some time and noted that I may have shared small glimpses or only a single photo of on Instagram, but didn't always share fabric choices and the design/pattern details...and the story. The story is always important to me.

It won't be a daily post, but my goal it to get five years of quilts and projects up on the blog this summer. I'm also hoping it puts a fire on me to clean up the website as well. So stay tuned for my #quiltshowcasescrapbook over the next several weeks with some new 2023 summer projects!!!

PS Fair warning. Overtime I will backlog the blog date to the date that the quilt projects are finished. This is in hopes that whenever I DO have time to print the blogposts with Blog2Print they are in chronological order...but let me get the blog posts done first....mmmkay??!!!??!

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