Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Nurse Nancy {Finished Project}

“Let us never consider ourselves finished, nurses.  We must be learning all our lives.” ~Florence Nightingale 

The new school year has begun and I was excited to be able to hang a little piece of “home” in my school clinic.  

This block means a lot to me. 

COVID hit in Spring 2020, my first year at my new district at a public school..  I was already feeling pretty overwhelmed and having a worldwide pandemic was daunting as a healthcare worker.  It was perfectly fitting that I was able to pattern test Nurse Nancy for Easy Patchwork.

Little did I know at the time, that the next 3 years would be filled with COVID and very little quilting.  Even this new school year, I am still giving guidance to parents and reporting to the State Department of Health. 

This summer, I finally “found” my studio again and decided I would finally finish the block. I had played around with ideas of wall hangings or making more blocks along the health lines.  But after much thought, I felt the block needed to be by itself as a memory for me.  

I found a frame just bigger than the block.  

Added more background so I could stitch some crosshatch diamond quilting.

I found some cute hexagon cork board to surround her!  I love EPP and it is a lovely nod to that. I hope to have some cute updates as I decorate for each new month. Paper bats in October and butterflies in spring pinned to them?

Even if the kids don't care, it already is something that makes me smile when I walk in and out.  And reminds me that I WILL find balance as soon as the beginning of the year demands and deadlines die down.

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