Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Even Maui...

has a quilt shop!

From Maui Quilt shop Website.

Here is there website!  The ladies were the sweetest ever and so helpful.  She even has a class, but I didn't have time to fit it in between road trips to Hana, Volcano craters, snorkeling, beach bumming, canoeing, and spending time with the boys!

The whole LONG flight home, I wish I had my computer to write out my future blogs. 

I have so much to share!

Inspiration, Hawaiian quilting, fabric, and photos!

And I finally have a perfect segue into a fellow blogger meet I had in Boston.  Can't wait to share about her.

I promise...more to come sooner than later!!!

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  1. He he. Aren't we Hawaiians just awesome? (grin) I think it's wonderful. We should be able to do all the things we love while we're on vacation and I'm glad to see you didn't lay aside your passion, even at rest. Says alot about you, I think. And I WANT a Hawaiian quilt!!!!!;-)


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