Tuesday, July 5, 2011

No Fireworks For Me!

Not only were there no fireworks in our immediate area due to the drought.

I didn't make many fireworks this weekend in my studio either!

I can say that I pulled out some fabric.

 A needlepoint that I finished three years ago and hadn't made it into a pillow like I wanted.

And a quilt pattern that would be great for some fat quarter bundles I have had squirreled away.


I didn't do anything with any of it.

I may just do it in the coming days so they are ready for next year?

But don't hold your breathe!


I AM excited to say that I have made some progress with my embroidery problem. 

If you don't recall, I switched to a Mac and was unable to use my software on it.

Thanks to this:

 I was able to design the applique a friend is waiting for.  

This goes on a t-shirt and the momma had some Disney princess fabric to make a cute patchwork skirt.  

When it is finished...I will certainly show you the results.

As for the fireworks this weekend?

I guess maybe this will count?

My very first applique and embroidery design made ALL by myself using my new Adobe Illustrator program and Amazing Designs embroidery software.

The green/yellow/purple stars just indicate where the appliques are...not the finished color!  

Too bad I didn't actually make a project with it!

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