Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WIP: Yikes

"Yikes" is all I can say about what I am calling "The Tummy Massacre" that we have had in our home since Sunday. 

Luckily, I was making real progress beforehand so my WIP post doesn't look too pathetic!

Basically, I have THREE finished tops that need to go on Ole Betsy....

Lyla's Quilt

I finished piecing it Thursday!

I think I am going to do this quilting design...


 Spiders and Webs, Part Deaux

All the points are trimmed up and ready to go!

Trick or Treat Charm quilt

It went REALLY quickly Saturday. To read details...I talked about it on my #notgoingtosewingsummit post!

About to go and quilt my Trick or Treat charm quilt #notgoingtosewongsummit

I have definitely decided to meander/loop and just place the bats sporadically...I think a pantograph would be too dense.

And now that I can sit for an extended period of time without wanting to die...I need to finish all of these embroidery projects

Trying to chunk away at My Ridiculously Long To Do List the only way I know how!

I just don't know how else to do it other than quit, do you?

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  1. The trick or treat is going to be wonderful!

  2. I love that butterfly pattern- is that a panto? Have you had good luck with pantos on Ole Betsy? I've never done anything but FMQ on the long arm- is it easy to get the quilt lined up right for pantoing? Are you going to free hand the bats? I think they're adorable.

  3. Loving those quilts!! So glad you are feeling better!!

  4. I love, love, love Lyla's quilt. Good job.


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