Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Backs, Back, Backs!

Last WIP Wednesday was blocks, blocks, blocks....and this week has been backs, backs, backs!!!


Not complete finishes, but pieced backs feel like finishes these days, so I am embracing it!  As I was going through my UFOs, I realized that the pieced backs are really my hold up for a few of my quilts.  I decided to turn my focus on them so that when I get the current quilt off Ole Betsy (my longarm) I can knock out a few more!

Spiders and Webs, Part Deaux

I started out cutting strips for the back with the intention of making a diagonal stripped backing, but to be honest?  It made me nauseaous when I laid it out.  I figured that wasn't a good thing, so I thought I would just scale the front block larger.

Fun, right?  The only thing I wish I had done was off set it a bit...but, oh, well. 
It is ready for quilting!

Primarily Sean's Quilt

The top for my nephew has been finished since August and has been waiting for me to figure out what to do with his paper pieced letters. I am not sure why I didn't ask Button sooner.  He always has such great layouts.....

I decided to make a wonky strip with his name.  The wonkiness has just drained about 80% of my improv I pray there is not much more improv to come this year!!  

I really had wanted to use minky inbetween each letter, but then I was worried about all the seams and how stretchy it is, so I went with cotton. 

 Yeah or nay?  BE honest!
 Since, I had the project bin out, I also took some time cut the binding for his quilt!

 And in case you are wondering, this quilt has been inspired by my sister's primary color and alphabet obsession!  I am falling in love myself...I am thinking a future Kindergarten Auction project in the future, no?

In Progress

do. Good Stitches Quilt

The top was loaded on Saturday.  I started quilting.  I didn't like one of the blocks I stitched...ignored it and moved on.  Then I liked the quilting on the second block.  Went to the third block and realized I didn't like the dark gray thread on the light blocks. And didn't like the design in my corners...Just didn't like a lot of things!  It may be for a charity, but I still feel like I should give it the same attention I would for a gift or a customer.

So I unpicked stitches in the first block.
And re-quilted the block in the lighter thread and quilted the design I liked.

I started unpicking the third block while watching Joyful Noise...praying that Dolly Parton and Queen Latifa could lift my spirits.

And I am still unpicking some more.  I think I might have the last bits and be able to restart today.  Lessons learned?  Don't over quilt, travel along stitches, and use cruise mode if I plan to unpick...

There are some seriously tiny stitches to undo, and excessive overlaps.  

No Progress:

I figured this would be a good opportunity to remind myself that the things above?  They will be probably be in this spot here. 

 This weekend is my scrapbooking retreat!!! 
I have not prepared guess what I will be doing over the next few days?  Printing pictures and packing!

I do have one question for everyone.  

 The alphabet backing for my nephew above is from the section of fabrics usually called "soft and comfy" or something at Joann's.  Will I go to fabric purgatory for calling it minky?  Or is that a brand name?  Is there a broader term for it.  It isn't fleece or flannel, but has the texture of a soft stuffed animal.

Thanks in advance!!!  Linking up with Lee!


Have a wonderful day!!!!!!


  1. Look at you go! Such great stuff, I need some sewing mojo, I have lots of things to get done and no energy to do them.

  2. Both your backs look so good! I love those pieced letters. The way you set them is so fun! I think Minky is a brand name, but that is what I tend to call anything with that plush texture! I have a blanket from Walmart with the same texture & material (100% polyester) and and they labeled it as "microplush."

  3. That alphabet binding fabric is too cute! :)

  4. Great backing! You went to a lot of work to piece the letters.

  5. I have heard a lot of people calling it minky so I thought that was the correct name. Love the wonky letters on the quilt.

  6. I like the wonky letters! They're fun!

  7. I think it's kind of like calling tissue a Kleenex or jeans your Levi's -it's all good!


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