Wednesday, March 6, 2013


 I honestly don't think I have ever made such progress in one week, like I have this past week!  I will try to be short and sweet with my comments because this is going to be a full post!


Teen Boy's Throw Pillows

His Marquette U. logo pillow that came with a big surprise on his birthday.

And the other boring *yawn* pillows.  

I have to admit...I like the four quadrant striped one!

Turtle Quilt

Finally done! 

The process took much longer than I wanted, but you can see all the details HERE finally made me happy.

In Progress:

Giant Vintage Star

Quilted it this weekend.

Binding is attached and on to hand sewing!

Rodeo Quilt

Cut my binding!

I opted for WOF cuts so that I could keep the diagonal stripe.  I just have to finish piecing the back and it is next on my list.

Primarily Sean's Quilt

Quilted swirls.

 However, a debacle.
Me.  Doubting my original measurements when I loaded it.

  Do you see that I am 4 inches short on my backing?!?!?  I now have to piece more backing to my already pieced backing.  I am a bit it sits and waits for me to gird my loins, as they say.

Spiders and Webs

On Ole Betsy as we speak.

Opted to make sure I remembered how to meander in case someone asks me to do it for them.  It isn't my favorite style, but it was a welcome and brainless after the debacle on the one above!

No Progress:

Who cares?!?! Did you see all that stuff up above??

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  1. Well done Heidi. Great progress and finishes. Hugs

  2. Great job! My hubby would love the MU pillow. He always gets comments whenever he wears his shirt out here in NY! =)

  3. Holy cow!!! You were one busy gal! I love seeing your finished products! And if you want to make another MU pillow for my brother who is attending Marquette, I'd sure let you!!

  4. Wow loads of stuff, good job! Here's to more amazingly productive weeks!

  5. woo hoo for lots of finishes and progress!! i love the 4 quad striped pillow and the MU pillow is amazing!! The turtle quilt turned out so cute!! Happy Birthday to your boy!!

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