Monday, July 22, 2013

I Run 4

Recently, I was introduced to the organization called I Run 4.  My friend, the mother of Charlie, remember him?

She posted a link to the Facebook group.  She knows that a few of her friends are marathon runners or trying to run again, like me.  If you recall a while ago, I was trying to #sweatnsew on Instagram.  I used to run regularly when I was in the Army, a million moons ago, and tried right before Jamie Lynn was born, but between two c-sections, lumpectomy, and hernia repair?  I have been a bit of a wreck. #sweatnsew was a great motivational start, but easy to slip out of my game and just "run" to the sewing machine. 

This group?  They bring motivation that you just cannot ignore.  They match up a runner with a child that has special needs.  The idea is that you run FOR the child that can run.  You can run, jog, workout, whatever.  The idea is that you are doing something that that child may or may not ever do.

I was recently matched up with Reagan! 

Isn't she adorable!!!

Her mother wrote me instantly when we were matched.
Um, get your tissues ready.

 "Reagan is a girl that faces everything that has been handed to her, and still manages to be that bright spot in the room. She has a myopic spot on the left side of her brain and, two forms of epilepsy (silent seizures) that happen on the right side. She also has poor vision, and does not produce enough CO2 when she breaths out, causing not only sleep apnea, but also she tires easily from all of the above. It can also cause irregular rhythm in her heart. The Epilepsy causes comprehension and learning issues. Reagan's day is either what we call a "plugged in or unplugged day." Epilepsy defines her right now, something we are working on overcoming with medication and therapy! Don't count Reagan out though! She is a phenomenal artist, and has a natural talent for all things musical. She is 6 years old, and going into the first grade. Thank you for running for Reagan.."

If that doesn't motivate me to run?  I don't know what else will!

If you are a runner and looking for motivation. I cannot recommend it more.
Another note. If you have a special needs child/adult you know who would love to have someone run for them.  Please contact Tim Boyle, through the IR4 blog or facebook page.  There has been an onslaught of runners with no matches!!!

Now I must go.
Actually?  I have to run.....

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