Monday, July 15, 2013

Summer Bee Blocks

I am still stitchin' up bee blocks for our group Imagine @ do.good stitches.  Every time I think I might "opt out" when I feel that overwhelming sense of "not ANOTHER due date already!"  But ever single time I take a few minutes to read about the inspiration, scan the block pattern, and rummage through my scraps? The creative juices start flowing and I feel inspired.

June's was the Fractured Star.  

Black, gray, white and a pop of aqua.  Our group REALLY likes aqua!  I was a bit late when I made it last week, but better late than never, I always say.

July blocks begged me to start them a little earlier this month.

Love this pallette soooo much. 
It just says sunshine, grass, flowers, and picnics to me!

Oh...and all of May's Card Trick blocks arrived!
I couldn't resist and had to piece them!

 More pictures to come.  I am in a debate over bright green plaid fabric or a cotton orange for the backing and binding. 
I am going to let it marinate as I work on the MANY other tops that are waiting their turn!

I also just realized that my blog logo matches the quilt today!
 I swear, total coincidence!

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