Thursday, February 20, 2014

Open Letter to Ole Betsy

Dear Ole Betsy,

I apologize for being so neglectful of you. It had been nine weeks since we spent time together. To top it off, I left you a mess. Threads caught in Velcro. Improperly wound bobbins cluttered in your tray. Spools of thread laying on your back ledge. The paper of a pantograph collecting mold (ewww) from the humidity.   I did cover the machine, but dust accumulated in your rails and bars.

Shameful really. 

After everything you did for me last year, especially in the ninth hour before Christmas.....

Can you ever forgive me?

Were the hours I spent cleaning you and the area today payment enough? 

Handiquilter Avante 18" (affectionately called Ole Betsy)

If not, I hope that the six tops awaiting for your glorious magic sways you. 

I also have a surprise for you!

 Look at what I got for Valentine's Day!  Microhandles for you!!!!
Look!  He even cut a picture of them in a heart for the card!
Here's to you!  *Cheers*

I've missed you, dear old girl!
May our year be as productive as last year!!!

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