Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Perfect 10 Sampler {Quilt}

Perfect................Excellent, Foolproof, Ideal, Impeccable, Pure, Splendid, Superb.
The Perfect 10 Sampler Quilt hits all those notes!  And making any of the quilts with the blocks Fat Quarter Shop used from the Perfect 10 Quilts Book along with the companion Creative Grids Perfect 10 ruler can make your Layer Cake dreams come true!

I had a lot of fun putting these blocks together.  It had been quite a while since I was able to piece and quilt and it gave me the ability to get a good sense of my new studio workspace. 
I wish I would have had time to do some glorious baptist fans with these reproduction fabrics.  However, I was still setting up Ole Besty Longarm after my hardwood floors had been installed with a looming deadline, so meandering quilting was the quick pattern I needed. 

I wouldn't say I'm a "purple girl", but all of the purple reproduction prints just begged me to pull some purples from my stash to make a pieced backing.

 I loved using this tiny purple flower print for the binding.  I even machine stitched the binding this time.   I was anxious to mail this off to a dear friend and the time it takes to hand-stitching had me uneasy.
I was very excited to donate this quilt at the school she works for.  Every little bit counts!!
 I always use a simple printed label on fabric for commissions and donations.
Quilt Stats:
 Measures: 63" x 72"
Pattern: Perfect 10 Sampler by It's Sew Emma/Fat Quarter Shop
Fabric: Various Reproduction Prints
Quilted:Meandering quilting on HQ Avante with Superior Threads Natural White

 If this quilts interests you and you need more information about this quilt along?

 Just click below to learn more about the quilt along!
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  1. This is a lovely end result. The sampler blocks are good fun to make and a lovely way to use the fabric pack. I think the meandering works quite well.
    Love how neat the machine stitching on the binding is. I can't get that right!

  2. This is a lovely end result. The sampler blocks are good fun to make and a lovely way to use the fabric pack.


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