Friday, April 22, 2016

Judge Pride Quilt {School Auction Quilt}

Ever since I made my oldest his Marquette Bound quilt, I knew I wanted to make other patterns in school colors with the logos in the futures. School auctions are the perfect moment for me to do so. Especially if it doesn't have to be a "class participation" like a lot of them I've made in the past. 

Since I have boys, I always try to think in terms of "would a boy want this quilt too?" when I choose a pattern. Missouri Star Quilt Company (MSQC) has a great Houndstooth pattern that seemed to fit the bill. 

I also purchased the four colors I needed from MSQC. 
Kona Tomato, Kona Black, Kona Corn Yellow, and Kona White. 

I had planned out in Photoshop the tartan color pattern I wanted. 

I cut my charms and strips and pieced my blocks like a mad woman. 

And it didn't look awful,

but I just didn't love the way the Houndstooth pattern didn't seem distinct for each block. 

So I reworked the math and made some mixed striped blocks and went to bed. 

The next morning, I realized I let my excitement get away from me the night before because I had cut and pieced the wrong yellow from my stash.


No worries. I made some more with the correct yellow and I'm saving the oopsies for another fun project. I might even name it "Oopsie".

The extra work paid off and I loved that I made the extra effort to get it "right". 

Once I had it all laid out and pieced, I spent some time working on the logo.

 I would be a liar if I didn't tell you it took me several hours to draw on wonder under, cut and appliqué each layer. 

But it was so worth it. 

I chose the pantograph Quirky pattern

and used my old reliable off white Omni thread by Superior Threads.

I love, love, love a pantograph on Shannon Fabrics minky backing.

and the simple quilting pattern I used on the logo.

A pop of the Kona Black for the binding. 

A printed quilt label on the back.  

I love the stripe that breaks up the two minky pieces that are needed to make it wider.  I couldn't get a 90" backing in time for quilting!

And it was all ready for the school auction......early!!!!!

Quilt Stats
Size:  67" x 76" 
Pattern: Modified Houndstooth pattern 
From Missouri Star Quilt Company
Fabrics: Kona Tomato, Corn Yellow, White and Black, Shannon Fabrics Yellow
Batting: Warm & Natural
Quilting: Quirky Pantograph on HQ Avante longarm with Off White Omni By Superior Threads 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Nativity Wall Hanging {Quilt}

 When I made the Nativity Auction Tree Skirt last November, I had an extra Nativity scene sitting around.  I couldn't very well toss the work of Kindergartners that worked super hard on it, so I came up with the idea to make a "mini" for the teacher.  And the room mom and I must have been on the same page, because she asked me if I minded making one for her as an end of the year teacher gift.

This time, since I knew it wasn't going to be "used" like a tree skirt, I appliqued the figures right on the background without the black felt edge.

I meant for it to be a "mini" but it was hard not to crowd all the figures.  I definitely eliminated the "town" a few less palm trees to make room!

 I used all the same fabrics, including backing and binding.  Made a sleeve at the upper back that blended in with the backing in case the teacher decided to use it as a table runner or whatever she desired.

 Quilt Stats:
 Measures:  20"x 52"
Pattern: none
Fabric: Kona Parchment, Kona Brown, Northcott Christmas Reindeer Prance, 
Henry Glass Beige Baroque, Moda Swirl
Thread: Omni Thread Natural Linen by Superior Threads
Quilted: Free motion on HQ Avante
I think it was very much appreciated.
 I'm so glad to have been able to use more of the kids' artwork!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Hawaiian Quilt {Pillow Cover}

 In 2012, I had made a Hawaiian Mini Quilt.  
The details and process were really interesting to me and worth traveling back in time to read about.

 It's been hanging around the studio.  I hung it up.  I used it for a mini quilt for my American Doll Bed.  After making my Heart Pillow, I knew I wanted to convert this to a pillow for my studio too!

 I trimmed it down and just tossed the binding.  Made a hidden zipper backing with some coordinating colored fabric I had in my stash.  The birds seemed to complement it.  I had some pretty green hand dyed fabric I used to do the binding/piping.

 I love that now I can enjoy it in my studio and it plays along with the couch and other pillows.

 And I can enjoy the hand quilting details up close.

I highly recommend converting your mini's if youve run out of space or just feel like they are cluttering up the wall.  They are wonderful for pillows!!



Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Heart {Pillow Cover}

 "Follow your heart and happiness will follow"

I received this beautiful Heart Mini by Jen Osborn from the messy nest when I participated in the last Schnitzel & Boo Mini Swap on Instagram.

She used all sorts of lines from my favorite fabric designer, Denyse Schmidt.  I loved the linen background so much.  

I had it on my design wall for a few months, but it was nagging me that she had made a heart pillow version for herself and I couldn't get it out of my head to make it into a pillow cover.

I simply unpicked the binding.   Cut some backing with some Denyse Schmidt fabric I had in my stash.  Added a hidden zipper. And added the binding back on.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the same look of her original binding.  As many people know, machine binding is my kryptonite.

 The one thing I love the most is that I can still see her backing and label inside when I take the pillow form out!


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