Friday, November 30, 2012

My Full Confession

I am in a wee bit of trouble with family and friends...but I am used to it.  I kinda/sorta run on the adage "It's easier to beg for forgiveness, then ask for permission".
  But in this case, beg for forgiveness with good news than worry everyone over nothing...


Here is the deal.  I had surgery Monday. 

 I had a mass in my right axillary removed.  The non-delicate armpit. While I was under general anesthesia, my surgeon also fixed a umbilical hernia I had.  The hernia was most likely a result of my pretty weak abdomen after it received so much stretching during my pregnancy with Jamie Lynn and then Button's quick arrival to the crime scene.  Severely excessive amniotic fluid and big babies in your uterus result in muscle gaps of about 2-4 inches.

 Yup...I am asked about 1-2 times a week if I am pregnant or when my due date is.  Nice.
 Suffice it to say, my guts decided to take advantage of the weakness and poke through!
As for the mass? It was non-cancerous!! Simply a cyst with a sidepocket of infection, was the description.  It fooled us for a bit because it behaved like a hard non-tender lymph my doctors were worried, I was a "wee" bit worried but trying to be super confident all would be well.  Mr. Boss was VERY worried the past two months. 

And because of all the worry?  I didn't want anyone else to be added to the stress and worry.

  Mr. Boss's family has a significant breast cancer history and my very own maternal aunt was recently diagnosed this summer with a rare breast cancer.  Then there was also some lymphoma discussion.  But I kept going back to "Why worry over something that ends up being nothing?"

However, if you thought you noticed a frenetic, panicked tone to my WIP posts and my to do list lately?  

There was.

  Reason Number One: I knew that I was going to be laid up simply because we all know surgery is no fun.  I did not want any obligations left out there hanging.  I hate feeling like I let someone down! Unfortunately, I was not able to finish my do. good stitches quilting or work on a commissioned applique job for a quilt.   But I am trying not to be too frustrated about it!

Reason Number Two:  The near future after the surgery was unknown.  I had to realistically "go there" so that I was prepared for the worst.  I already had a million and one diagnostic appts and pre-op appts beforehand, I couldn't fathom what I had in stored if I was given the dreaded "C-word" option.


So here I am....hanging out on a couch or a chair....recovering.  Thankful that I don't have cancer.  I am not naive to think that I am free and clear in the future, but I know I am safe, for now.  My incisions were a lot bigger than I anticipated.  My hernia ended up being bigger than my surgeon anticipated, but the recovery is much less worse than my two c-sections.  My arm?  Which happens to be my dominant...SEWING....arm is swollen, numb at times, and painful.  I even have a few zings and zangs from shoulder to finger. I am THANKFUL that my doctor was so thorough and made sure there was nothing else there or nothing left behind.  I am HOPEFUL, that it will all heal properly and well.

In short. 

 I am not able to sew right now.  No quilts.  No Butterfly Kisses right now.  

In the meantime?  

I am planning my UFOs and WIPs schedules and planning some other "to dos".

I still have a few projects to share in the next few days that I was able to complete before our Magical Thanksgiving trip and my surgery. 

And I have quite a few goodies arriving in the mail because I did shop for some Black Friday deals this past weekend!!!!!

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

THE Mickey Mouse Quilt

You know, the one that I have been talking about for WEEKS!

I feel like it might be a let down after all the "peeks" I have given the past few weeks!

I am super happy with it!  

I "pinned" this quilt last year for my nephew. I even worked out the pattern on my EQ7 for yardage requirements and even bought the fabric.  However, I worried that he might "outgrow" it (he already is in a huge Cat-in-the Hat kick), so I have gone in a different direction for him.

 When Mr. Boss sprung the trip as a surprise for our family...I KNEW I had to do it!  I already had the pattern and fabric, right?

I set up my embroidery machine and swapped out the various 4x4 inch (finished) blocks and appliqued Mickey Mouse head outlines at various angles.  I decided to do just Mickey Mouse heads because of all the boys...but now that I look at it, I noticed that there are six heads. Maybe one of them needs to have a Minnie bow?  Easy to I dare?

I am so happy with the free motion Mickey Mouse heads I appliqued in the "blank" 4x4 sqaures.  I looped and meanderead in between.  I also added some Mickey Mouse outlines in the large border too.

I had intended to do the small border like the original quilt, but I was in a major time crunch and just added 5 inch borders of the white and black dotted red fabric.  I actually liked how it turned out.  The small dotted black fabric really balanced nicely for me!

The backing ended up being a new adventure for me.  I am not very good at "improv", but for some reason, my math was really off and I ended up adding the large red dotted piece on the right side and the two strips at the top and bottom.  I did like the end result!!  So maybe I will actually improv my backs a little more often!

Instead of one 4x4 inch quilt label?  I did FOUR!  It was fun to make sure every bit of this vacation was etched into this quilt!  It ended up having more uses for our Magical visit than I ever intended!

By the way, I did NOT wash it before we left because I didn't have the binding on it.  I was REALLY worried about it washing with all that red, so I made sure I had 3 Color Catchers in the wash.  Two of them were VERY red and the third was more pink.  No red or black leaked anywhere!  It also didn't crinkle that much because I think with the humidity, drool, and heat of our bodies warmed it up like a dryer...teehee!

Quilt Stats:

Measures: Approx 40 x 50 inches.
Pattern by Mama Roux handmade  
I used my EQ7 to work out exact measurements, but to start, 
the blocks are 4x4 inches with 2 inch borders and 2 inch sashing.
Solids: Kona Red, Black, Yellow, White
Dots: Riley Blake Big Black Dot,
Robert Kaufman Small Black Dot, Small Red Dot, Red and Black Dot,
Holly Hoderman Big Red Dot
Binding: Windham Fabrics Mini Black Dot
All fabrics purchased from the Fat Quarter Shop
Techniques: Machine applique, machine pieced,
 FMQ on my longarm

Monday, November 26, 2012


Magical is the only word that comes to mind for our family trip to Disney World.

I could make a super long post, but I will try to be brief....

Ahh, forget it...I didn't happen!  
But I promise some super cute photos!!!

Day One:  Road Trip

It was my birthday and Mr. Boss knew I was not finished with my Mickey quilt for the trip.  He gave me 2 hours to get it to it's "binding" stage...and I did it!  After picking up the boys from school and eating some dinner, I was hand sewing my binding in the car that evening! 

Mickey Mouse quilt binding.

Oh...and we drove because Mr. Boss booked our trip exactly 5.5 weeks ago and plane tickets costs for six of us on a short notice?  

Day Two: Saturday Evening

We finally arrived to Orlando, Florida!  Button decided to make friends with a marble column in the lobby of the Grand Floridian where we were staying.

  The one the arrow is pointing to be exact!  He is SO lucky that for some reason, he only dinged his head.  It had a sharp corner at the bottom that he fell straight forward on. Visions of CT scans and a few days in the hospital for a skull fracture danced in my head. 

EMS was called...great....and he managed to only need some tender loving care and also received a stuffed Mickey Mouse with a matching band-aid from the resort employees to get him to smile and stop screaming...he was scaring all the other guests.  No one is allowed to cry at Disney!

Day Three:  Sunday

We decided to use our Disney apps.  We actually listened and went against all of our usual instincts to go to the Magical Kingdom, but instead, headed to Hollywood Studios.  

Watching his reactions on the Toy Story ride and seeing him light up during the Disney Jr. how was amazing.  

Hurry Josh...pick me up so I can get closer!

Seeing him light up like a Christmas tree when he first met Mickey?


Mickey Quilt use #1:  Naptime.  A great pillow!

Mickey Quilt use #2: Fantasmic show spectators.

  It was freezing, but we were all wrapped up and warm!

Day Four: Monday

FINALLY...Magic Kingdom.

  The boys were true sports and weathered all the "baby" rides...Peter Pan, It's a Small World, Pooh Bear, Dumbo...and a visit to see Goofy, Donald, Daisy, and Minnie.

Kisses to be had for all. 

 Yes...he is KISSING Minnie!!

 I think the characters loved Button more than he loves them!  They had such a hard time moving on to the next groups.  He would do his little sweet "bye" to them and they would run over to him again!


After some Big boy ride fun...

We headed to the Animal Kingdom when the afternoon crowds became heavy!  
 I HIGHLY recommend you get the park hopper passes so you can hop around in one day like we do ALL the time!

We have been on the Safari trip many a time, but due to the cooler weather...the animals were incredible!!

I will seriously consider going to Disney in cool weather again.  
The animals seem to hide in the shade when it is hot in the past!!!

Afterwards?  Off to Downtown Disney for some dinner and Lego store fun!

Mickey Quilt use #3: Naptime again!

Mickey Quilt use #4:  Wrap up sleeping baby on the bus ride home. (no picture)

Day Five: Tuesday

A slow start.  We decided to get out of bed slowly...enjoy a nice breakfast at the hotel.  Arrived to the Magic Kingdom. was crowded...but we managed to get some rides in! 

Since we were rested?

We spent time making it to the various shows and also decided to park a spot for the Electric parade at night.   I swear that some of those floats are the same ones I saw 31 years ago for the first time.  

Mickey Quilt Use #5 and #6:  Holding your spot on the curb and keeping warm in the late night. (Mr. Boss has the photos hostage on his phone)

Day Six: Wednesday

Magic Kingdom.  
We hit the park earlier in anticipation of heavy crowds. We mastered managing the Fast Pass system and making full use of the Walt Disney World "Line" apps. Of course, we had to see Mickey one more time.

He needed a lot of hugs, kisses, and hi fives!

Tigger and Poo!
Do you just LOVE this as much as I do?
Day Seven: Thursday  

Turkey Day!  

Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. According to all websites and apps, the Magic Kingdom and Epcot were off limits for us due to crowds.  We re-rode all of our favorite rides.

The safari ride proved to be amazing AGAIN!

Dinner?  Snow Crab Legs in Downtown Disney.  Yum! It was the best Thanksgiving so far.
Family, family, family.  I am so thankful for them!
We were sad to head to the hotel to pack...but we knew we were getting up super early

Day Eight: Friday

Road Trip!
  I woke up in the middle of the night Friday and shouted loud enough to wake Mr. Boss.
  "We only stopped FOUR times today!" 
 16 hours driving and only stopped four times?  My boys ROCK!

If you are still here reading?  
I promise....I WILL give you quilting eye candy! 
I will be sharing the Mickey quilt stats...a post is in the works!!!!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Road Trips

1000 miles in a day in a half to Disney World yielded

Mickey Mouse quilt binding.

One Mickey Mouse quilt bound with tiny dotted black fabric
(more pictures to come of the Mickey quilt in the near future)

EPP Hexies hoop...on the road.

One EPP hoop project completed

On the road needlepoint.

And a new needlepoint project started.


1000 miles back home in 16 hours in one day yielded

A lot of progress one the needlepoint project!

Progress on needlepoint cross. Almost all the gold is done!

One of quite a few Christmas ornaments for my son's highschool auction.
Thankfully, I am only responsible for ONE!

I have determined that I need to go on more road trips to get my handwork done.
 If only I didn't have to do my fair share of driving...I could have done so much more!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Who cares about quilting?

When you can be doing this with your kids!!!

Having a blast since it is someone's first time!

P.s. I had some sort if technical difficulty posting my sorta sewing summit class. I can't figure it out via phone. I will try to find a computer at some point.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday: M.i.c...k.e.y.....



Mickey is making his stamp EVERYWHERE in my studio right now!!


Button's shirts

More shirts are HERE!  
I don't want you to miss more pictures of very own cute Mickey Mouse!


Disney Cruise Shirts

Eight appliqued and embroidered shirts for a friend!  
I have them done right in time for their cruise trip!!

In Progress:

Mickey Mouse Quilt

The backing is coming together.  Still missing bits. 

 Hoping to have it finished and quilted tomorrow?
 But with Button's help HERE?

Wishful thinking?

Sorta Sewing Summit

Have you heard?  Bree from Distant Pickles and Sarah from Sarie's Cherries are hosting a sewing summit via webcam and blogs!  The idea was to have our very own sewing summit since we could not make it to the "real" deal!
 Class schedules are posted on Distant Pickles.  
Head on over and check out all the classes and sign up!!!

 My class on English Paper Piecing is getting some tweeking.  It is set for Sunday, the 17th at 9:00 pm.  I won't be available at that time (boo!) but the class is open and the other ladies will be around to chat!

I am embarrassed to say that I gave THE worst Class description and supplies list.  Things have been so crazy that I really didn't think it through here is a REVISED class description!

 Class Description:

 In the English Paper Piecing class you will learn the basics of piecing hexagons.  I will give the most BASIC of instructions without any fancy tools!  I will be so fun that you will be addicted to it just like me!  And to keep it more exciting, I have a Hoop Project tutorial so you aren't stuck with six hexagons and nothing to do with them!

  • 6 3x3.5 sqaures of fabric.  Can all be different. Use your scraps!!
  • One sheet of hexagons printed on cardstock using the .pdf link from Moxy Ideas. Precut 5 hexagons for class. 
  • 6 paper clip
  • Thread 
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or chalk pencil or water soluble marker
Optional hoop project supplies: 
1 8inch diameter embroidery hoop
1 10-12 inch square piece of background fabric 
Embroidery thread in coordinating colors.

Car Seat Cover

For a friend.  A quick project.  I have it all cut out!!

All it needs is a quick zip on my machine and I should be able to get it in her hands by the end of the week.  She is tired of her little man getting breathed on....and rightly so.  I will share details about this special little guy when I reveal the complete project....I promise!!

New Project:

Mickey says "Hey, Heidi!  Don't forget your tote".

Oh, right, Mickey...a tote bag or something....
that is on my list....
....that might be a pipe dream....

 Of course, linking up with Lee!


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