Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday: M.i.c...k.e.y.....



Mickey is making his stamp EVERYWHERE in my studio right now!!


Button's shirts

More shirts are HERE!  
I don't want you to miss more pictures of very own cute Mickey Mouse!


Disney Cruise Shirts

Eight appliqued and embroidered shirts for a friend!  
I have them done right in time for their cruise trip!!

In Progress:

Mickey Mouse Quilt

The backing is coming together.  Still missing bits. 

 Hoping to have it finished and quilted tomorrow?
 But with Button's help HERE?

Wishful thinking?

Sorta Sewing Summit

Have you heard?  Bree from Distant Pickles and Sarah from Sarie's Cherries are hosting a sewing summit via webcam and blogs!  The idea was to have our very own sewing summit since we could not make it to the "real" deal!
 Class schedules are posted on Distant Pickles.  
Head on over and check out all the classes and sign up!!!

 My class on English Paper Piecing is getting some tweeking.  It is set for Sunday, the 17th at 9:00 pm.  I won't be available at that time (boo!) but the class is open and the other ladies will be around to chat!

I am embarrassed to say that I gave THE worst Class description and supplies list.  Things have been so crazy that I really didn't think it through here is a REVISED class description!

 Class Description:

 In the English Paper Piecing class you will learn the basics of piecing hexagons.  I will give the most BASIC of instructions without any fancy tools!  I will be so fun that you will be addicted to it just like me!  And to keep it more exciting, I have a Hoop Project tutorial so you aren't stuck with six hexagons and nothing to do with them!

  • 6 3x3.5 sqaures of fabric.  Can all be different. Use your scraps!!
  • One sheet of hexagons printed on cardstock using the .pdf link from Moxy Ideas. Precut 5 hexagons for class. 
  • 6 paper clip
  • Thread 
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Pencil or chalk pencil or water soluble marker
Optional hoop project supplies: 
1 8inch diameter embroidery hoop
1 10-12 inch square piece of background fabric 
Embroidery thread in coordinating colors.

Car Seat Cover

For a friend.  A quick project.  I have it all cut out!!

All it needs is a quick zip on my machine and I should be able to get it in her hands by the end of the week.  She is tired of her little man getting breathed on....and rightly so.  I will share details about this special little guy when I reveal the complete project....I promise!!

New Project:

Mickey says "Hey, Heidi!  Don't forget your tote".

Oh, right, Mickey...a tote bag or something....
that is on my list....
....that might be a pipe dream....

 Of course, linking up with Lee!


  1. I'm in love with all of your Mickey goodies! And I'm jealous of your upcoming trip! Can't wait to see your finished quilt and pictures from your trip!

  2. Wow!! How much fun is this? Those shirts are awesome, the quilts are wonderful - and this will be an incredible family trip!

  3. love the Mickey quilt, can't wait to see it all done up.

  4. I love the top Mickey quilt. where did you get that cute fabric!

  5. my girl LOVES mickey mouse! she'd love that quilt - but i do not have your skill. everything looks great!

  6. Love the top quilt. Red/white/black is always a winner. :0)

  7. You have so much on the go! The Mickey items are great.

  8. I love disney world and Mickey mouse! Where is your cruise cruising to? So excited for all you guys!

  9. I love your Mickey Mouse Quilt! I made a wall hanging based off of Minnie... We should get them together and let them have a play date! Check it out here:


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