Friday, March 20, 2020

Nurse Nancy {Foundation Paper Pieced Block}

Meet Nurse Nancy.

She’s been at the front lines from the start. And in case you didn’t know?  2020 is the year of the Nurse ala Florence Nightingale.  This wasn’t the celebration we, nurses, had planned. 💕

This is a new pattern by Karen at Easy Patchwork. Isn't she just perfect?
 1950’s in all white with a cap?  Get outta here!  This brought me back to my Army days. I never wore the dress, but loved my all white pants uniform when I worked on my Med-Surg-Peds floor.
 I think it’s probably in one of my veteran posts.  No cap, but pinned when I graduated!

I had to pattern test this baby for her!! You might notice the crooked cross...quilter error!  I kinda love her because she is soooo me. Not exactly perfect. A little frazzled working with kids all day!  And I soooo needed a project with a deadline to get my mojo going.

 The next question is what I am going to do with her next?!??! 





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