Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WIP: Oy Vey

I was about to post that I didn't do much since last week's WIP post, until I did a rundown on Instagram. Oy vey...I've been busy.

Pattern Testing

I finished my quilt top for Bree at Distant Pickles.  I started it just a little over a week ago.

I seriously can't wait for her to release this pattern so I can share this quilt!
  Off to buy backing material this week!

Stars and Stripes

I pulled out my hexagons on Memorial Day.

I have machine appliqued the hexagon rows to the stripes and pieced the stripes for the upper portion of the flag.  Still have to do the much longer rows next!

Group Quilt Block

A special top secret group block.  The kind of quilt that will be awesome.  

Don't worry, you will see more of it because I get to quilt it!

Friendship Hexagon block tutorial by Don't Call Me Betsy!

End of the Year Teacher Gifts.

I started these last year, but I finally finished three for the preschool teachers by last Thursday! 

Not a finish though...still have eight or so to go for the middle schoolers.  And I can't take credit for the little Mug Rug saying. A Facebook friend designed them and was sweet enough to share them!

Hex on the Beach

I ran out of hexagon templates.

  I am at 357/1008 hexagons!

This was taken at 196 this week.
 Loooong way to go.  And it's definitely official.  I hate glue.

Mini Vac Attachment Bag

I love my mini vac attachments to clean my sewing machines so much, that I had to make a drawstring bag for them!

My First Pattern??

In January, I designed a quilt for Button.  I have finally decided to get working on the quilt and the pattern this month.

I have crib, lap, twin and queen sizes worked out.
The king is alluding me a bit because I didn't realize they were wider than they are longer?

Second Client Quilt

I was waiting on my latest pantograph order!

Can't wait to use the larger scale Maple Syrup.
 The one I did awhile back was too small for the quilt I'm about to do!

Blogger's Quilt Festival

The voting has begun.

 I have two quilts over there.  Tumbleweed in Home Machine quilting at #2.  and Imagination for Group Quilt at #1.  If your bored and want to vote for someone, I won't stop you!  My secret confession? I didn't vote for any of mine!  Shhhhh....

Now I just need to figure out how to catch up on all the sweet comments and also my blog reading. Something always has to give, doesn't it?

Monday, May 27, 2013

In Memory Of

All the fallen soldiers 

Arlington Cemetery.  From our family vacation Fourth of July, 2012

 I had other plans today, but after watching the movie Taking Chance began on the TV, I really felt the urge to pull out my Stars and Stripes Quilt.

And also work on a special project for a fallen soldier's family. 
It feels "right" today.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Checklist

I was feeling productive until I looked around the studio and realized that I didn't get as much as I "thought" I would this week.

Like last week, my worst enemy got in the way a bit.
I am created havoc this week by organizing my area and shredding batting. 
 However, I made a small amount of progress on my list, so I have given myself some leeway!

First "Client" Quilt

Long arm quilting finished!   

Photo shoot of the quilt later and then off to the post office to return to its home!

Rosary Bags

I was asked to make and embroider some pouches for some of the teachers at my sons' school.  

Check that off the list!

Hex on the Beach

I will be perfectly honest. The pre-cut fabric is a little bit of a disappointment.  The fabric itself is AMAZING.  But the kit's hexies are just not giving me enough seam allowance to baste them like I like here.  Instead? I am using a glue stick.

  I'm not thrilled, but as you can see, it is getting the job done!

End of the Year Teacher Gifts

Do your remember this stack from last year?

Mug Rugs!!!

I hated my quick binding job, so I have ripped them all out.  
I re-trimmed the mug rugs to re-attach them more cleanly.  Two need to be done by Thursday, the rest? By June 3rd!!

In the meantime, I will try not to get distracted.


By my worst enemy #2.

Linking up

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Monday, May 20, 2013


Not pounds.


I seriously wish I had heard of this years ago.  Thanks to my shout out for Batting Scrap Organization  tips a few weeks ago, I learned that shredding batting makes great stuffing.

I have used batting scraps for stuffing before and have been disappointed with the strange lumpiness I tend to get.  

Shredding it?  Amazing.

I'm not sure if this is the "correct" way, but this is how I did it.

I, out some of my aggression and *cough* frustration on it?
Just make sure that you are safe. I only layered 1-3 pieces on top of each other. I also never had my hand on the mat while slicing back and forth.  I cherish my hands too much.  I would also recommend shredding in the middle of your mat. Do as I say, not as I do.

I kept all my larger pieces of batting that are definitely usable.  I took some of the suggestions from last week and I put the smaller sizes that were similar to each other in ziplock bags.  I pressed all the air out so they could lay flat with the larger folded pieces in my batting drawer.

 I had no qualms of cutting up all the small, awkward pieces.  Triangles.  Goofy trapeziod pieces.
 Not to mention the long 1 inch strips?  What was I thinking saving those?

Why to stuff this bag full, right!  
At least, that is my story and I'm sticking too it.

P.S. I actually AM trying to shred some pounds on this body, so if you follow my Instagram?
You might see occasional photos with #sweatnsew. 
You can find out more about it at Sarcastic Quilter!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Tumbleweed {Blogger's Quilt Festival}

No.   No need to rub your eyes.

Yes, this is another quilt for the

I had to show you my Tumbleweed Quilt, my favorite quilt so far this year. 
 The quilt for ME!

I have to admit. This is my absolute favorite quilt right now.   It is not at all my normal taste of fabric, but it was FREE!   I won it from another quilter on her blog!

I love the Houston Rodeo and really wanted to not lose the novelty of the prints so that I could have it out during the time it is in town.  However, I also wanted to have a bit of modern flair, so I tried something new with the tumbler pattern.

 End to end horizontally instead of vertically. (you can see the layout at the top photo).

But the reason this is my most favorite quilt and why I am sharing this quilt for the festival is the QUILTING!!!!

Cowboy hats!

 Horseshoes with loops

 More loops with....horseshoes.

Last but not least, boots....with spurs.
Cute no?

I had a TON of fun doing these freemotion all over the quilt on my longarm machine.  

I did not have enough of the free fabric for a backing so I chose this brown fabric.  

The flowers reminded me of Texas bluebonnets.
 I am pretending the roses are some sort of Texas rose too! 
Don't burst my bubble, okay?

I had enough of the scraps to do a binding, but I really liked this print when I saw it at the LQS.
It is Moda Grace Bias Stripe by 3 Sisters 

I had intended to just put the label in a random corner, but I just didn't like the way it was glaringly popping out on the brown fabric.

 I decided to piece some scraps at an angle and then needle-turned it to the center of the strip where I had a large expanse anyway.

Worked out brilliantly.


Quilt Stats:
Measures: 54" x 63"
Pattern: Tumblers (end to end horizontally)
Fabric:  Various floral and cowboy motif fabrics from 
Moda and other high quality quilting fabric lines (fabrics were all scraps)
Quilt Pattern: Loops with Rodeo motifs by myself on my HQ Avante 18" 

I have to laugh because as I was editing the pictures I noticed a stray thread from my EPP project on the left of the backing strip a few photos above!
Proof that I have already snuggled under this with Button!

Who has somehow managed to steal MY rodeo quilt and renamed it from my awesome name of Tumbleweed quilt to

Little Horsey's quilt.
Nothing is sacred in this house.

P.S.  Thanks for stopping by if you are from Blogger's Quilt Festival.
To return to the Festival, click on the image at the top!!!!!!!

Imagination {Blogger's Quilt Festival}

It's time!!!  Are you ready for some quilt yumminess throughout the quilt blogesphere?

Imagine is the name of the quilting bee circle I am a member of for do. Good Stitches.  

This is Imagination

 The quilt makes me think of philosophers, staring into the skies and seeing stars...imagining what life beyond is.

This quilt had many challenges and road blocks for me.  The original, Imagination post walks you through it all.  For the sake of the festival, I will keep it simple!!!

The blocks: 

The sashing....and a pretty cool shot of the quilting!


I loved this scrappy piano key border.

Piano border

A cool "on the longarm" shot of the quilting.


Simple backing for somewhat complicated quilting.


Close up of the back.


Binding and Border

Solid Red.


I was so happy with the results.  The amazing blocks from my bee friends made it so wonderful!
 I couldn't be more thrilled.   

ET Phone Home Block

Quilt Stats:
Measures: 66" x 86"
Blocks Pieced by: Imagine @do.Good Stitches quilting bee.  Fabrics from their stash.
Sashing, Border fabrics: A variety of strips from my stash.
Backing: Blank Quilting Pattern #6239 and Kona Ash
Binding: Kona Cardinal
Quilted: By myself on my longarm HQ Avante 18.


This beauty went off to Threading Hope.  
I hope it brings comfort and joy to its recipient.

Thanks for stopping by!  I now must commence my perusal of the entries. Every single "season" I start recognizing my favorite quilts or I see some that have me meeting some new blogger friends!!!


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