Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I Promise

On this day, December 31st, 2013, I promise to NEVER, EVER use the phrase

"All the things I didn't get done".


Why do I promise this? I found myself saying to people in passing "Oh, I just didn't get THIS done."  Or I said "I wish I had gotten THAT done".

 It occurred to me one day to say, "I DID get all of THESE done."

Twenty-One Finished Quilts
(the last three aren't posted yet)

1. Turtle Applique  2. Giant Star  3. Spiders and Webs, part deaux  4. Primarily Sean's  5. Tumbleweed  6. Gabe in the Hat  7.  Triplet Lattice 8. Trick or Treat 9.  Blush and Bashful  10. Christmas Star  11. Charlie's Whale Song  12.  Pajama Party  13.  Stars and Stripes  14.  Gramm's Garden Party  15.  Pop's Crossing  16. Sorrento  17.  Minecraft Slime  18.  Quirky but Solid

Three Group Quilts
(contributed blocks, pieced two, and quilted all three)
1.  Hugs for Rebecca  2. Imagination (Do.Good Stitches)  3. Shuffle the Deck (Do. Good Stitches)

Four Mini/Doll Quilts

             1. Hexi Doll Crib Set  2.  Butterfly Kiss mini  3.  Sewing Studio  4.  Memory Doll Quilt

Six Tutorials

1.  Snowflake Row (Winter Wonderland Round Robin Quilt)  2.  Something Folded Block (Something New QAL)  3.  Card Trick Block  4.  Starstrip Block  5. Rip 'n Sew Pillow                    6. Leaf Potholder

23 Bee Blocks
(21 for do. good stitches and 2 for Hugs for Rebecca)

Other Various Sewing and Embroidery Projects
(this is not all...just ones I took pictures of)

1. Manicure Set (swap) 2. Marquette Throw Pillow  3. Teen boy pillows  4. Puppy Love  5.  Embroidered T-shirt Pockets  6.  Beach Bum Art  7.  Needlepoint Cross  8.  Makeup/Cosmetic bag (swap)  9.  Coasters  10.  Dining Room Window Treatments  11.  Spider Applique Shirt  12.  Christmas Pajama Bags  13.  Embroidered Burp Rags  14.  Quilted Bible Cover  15.  Hexagogo Go Faster Box Bag  16. Scrap bins

Works In Progress?
Two quilt tops that need to be quilted and several bins filled with fabrics designated for future quilts.  But I'm no longer going to complain.  By documenting my year, I managed to see that what I didn't do?  Will always be in the back of my mind.  However, I should always be focused on what I DID do!

I will continue to be centered on home and hearth this New Year. 
How about you?  Did you get more or less done this year?

Friday, December 20, 2013

Mrs. Claus

You have reached Mrs. Claus' voice mail. She apologizes for being unable to blog however she Is busy working in her studio. 

She has given up on the boys quilts.  It would be sad for only two boys to get theirs. 
She will be more available next week. 

Because we all know Mr. Claus is snoring  on the couch and there are no elves available to wrap gifts, finish last minute handmade gifts, clean, or fill the stockings.   

At least she has two quilts she can bind while company is here!

 Happy Holidays!!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

...To Be Jolly...


One person out of many should be extremely happy that they won this!

Congrats to


Who won on her second entry!
(Seeeee...it DOES help your odds).

I loved all of the responses from the question.  I would venture to say that about 98% of the answers included something about cleaning.

The others were asking for baking help or wrapping help!

And I actually LOVED the winner's first entry

Who wouldn't love for elves to come help clean up AFTER?
Or better yet? 
 Clean up. Put all the decorations away in bins and up to the attic.
Then take on my regular "first of the year" chores like cleaning and organizing closets, dressers, and studio.  Maybe a pampering day.  There have to be elf spa's, right?

Ps. If I don't hear back from the winner, by December 18th, I will redraw a winner!!


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