Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Itsy Bitsy Spider {Wicked Blog Hop} and {Block Tutorial}

October 31st....
 My turn to be WICKED for the Wicked Blog Hop!
A big thank you to Mdm Samm at !Sew We Quilt! and Wendy at Why Knot? for dreaming up, organizing, and hosting this great blog hop!

If you are new here? 

An Itsy Bitsy Spider Block for you!

She measures 12.5 inches...but can be made ANY size or style you would like.
 I decided to showcase her on this 16 inch pillow, so I had to add a few things!

First off, I chose this block because I have been meaning to do a spin off of my Moda Bake Shop  quilt tutorial.

The boys are in high Wicked decorating mode! Spiders galore!

Ever since I surprised them last year with My Haunted Mansion decorations

And they decided to scare the neighborhood as best they could

Halloween has become a new family affair.

I made Throw pillows last year,

  but a few chairs have mentioned that they feel much neglected this year. (yes, my furniture and house talk to me). I can't stand to disappoint them, so new throw pillows!!

I took the block (tutorial below) and added large sashing on only two sides so it was juxtaposed in the corner.

A bit of spider web quilting.

I simply stitched in the ditch, and then echoed the hexagon pattern a few times around to the edge. I then used the pieced seams as my guide out to the perimeter. I then added some more in between. I recommend starting in the center each time so it stays smooth in the center. 

And to be a wee bit wicked, a fly with button eyes, button body, and felt wings. Poor thing is trapped in the web.

A cheeky spider made up of buttons and hand embroidery making an appearance to see if he might have caught his next meal.

He is hanging from a double threaded back stitch.

I had to pull out this fabric from my stash for the backing.

And binding.  It reminded me of bug eyes!

 It was the first time I have ever used a binding on the edge of a pillow.
  I really like how it creates a combination of piping and flange. I definitely will keep this idea in my back pocket for future pillows.

Why am I in love with this fabric?

It made its first appearance as the binding for my Trick or Treat Charm quilt I made this month for an auction.

Oh. And guess who won it? My sister! I have a sneaky feeling she was very Wicked herself to get it!

Overall, I think this block is fun and has a limitedness of potential!

Want to make one yourself?


The Itsy Bitsy Spider Web Block {Tutorial}

Cut several strips in various sizes, I recommend smaller ones for the "webs". I marked on the photo the sizes I used to so this particular 12.5 inch block. I cut the strips from WOF and pulled leftover strips from my long arm machine ventures.

Just remember that you need to make sure the width of the long strip rectangle measures half the size of the finished block you want. In this instance, I made mine 7 inches high because I wanted to trim mine down to a 12.5 inch block. I like to have that leeway!

Sew them together!

Next check your ruler out! Many of your rulers will already have a 60 degree angle on it. Go look!

You simply line the 60 degree line up with the top of your strip and cut the angles.

I have a very detailed demonstration of this cut at the Moda Bake Shop tutorial. You will see that the angle is the same for any size strip. It makes a perfect equilateral triangle by turning your ruler both directions.
Because I made the choice to go larger with my triangle for wiggle room, I did have to make a second shorter striped rectangle to make one more triangle!

 But if you plan to make an exact 12.5 inch block or smaller you should only need a pieced strip the length of your WOF (width of fabric)!

Time to layout the triangles.
 You will have some that match in the center and some that match on the outside. For the purpose of this pillow, I used the one that had the purple toward the center. I plan saving the other triangles for some other ideas I have!

Now split your hexagon in half.

Piece each triangle together by making sure you match up those strings with pins.

 Or just be Wicked and just go for it!

After you have pieced both sides. You will have two halves

Simply piece them together and you will have a hexagon.

Next cut a rectangle the height of your other stripped rectangles and double the width of that same measurement. In this case I wanted to play it safe and cut mine 7.5 inches by 14 inches.

I then started cutting 60 degree angles again. This time saving the half triangle ends and cutting the center if the equilateral triangle.

Piece the four triangles to the corners of the hexagon.

At this point you simply trim to make your 12.5 inch block.

 I was VERY Wicked and didn't take a picture of the block all alone at this point because I was anxious to get it ready for the pillow!

Now that you have checked out my Wicked post....Go make sure you check out the rest of the blog hop participants  today!!  It has to be pretty wicked scary today considering it is HALLOWEEN!!!!
Wicked Wednesday,
October 31st
Rosemary - That Other Blog
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Sew We Quilt

And if you missed the other days...just click on the Wicked Image at the top of this post or in my sidebar.  There are AMAZING projects going on out there!


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

WIP Tuesday?

I know, I know.  It is supposed to be Wednesday, but my blog is filled with a Wicked Blog Hop post and a block tutorial in there to boot!

 So I am taking a few minutes to give you the scoop...not that you care, but it sure makes My Ridiculously Long To Do List dwindle!!

 The Itsy Bitsy Spider Pillow

My Wicked Blog Hop Block/Throw Pillow/Tutorial

It posts at midnight, October 31st.  HERE

In Progress:
Spiders and Webs, part deaux.

I have been working on piecing the back of Spiders and Webs, part deaux. 

I am in no way expecting to get it done by tomorrow...but I want it done to be packed away with the other Halloween decorations!

Mickey Mouse Trick or Treat Bag

I have gotten as far as an idea for the bag and pulled the fabrics.

 Since Button loves Mickey Mouse, I need to make him a bit spooky like the image above!
 I want this done for Button tomorrow!

Imagine (do. Good stitches Bee quilt)

I am in love with this quilt.  

I finished the sashing and the piano key border Wednesday and Thursday.  However, it had to take a backseat because of the need for some backing fabric.

Bloggers's Quilt Festival

Amy's Creative Side

I am still making my way through all the comments I am receiving and looking at other quilts!  There are over 500 entries now! AMAZING!!!!!  Nominations begin on November 1st.
 It is going to be tough to choose from all of them!!!

No Progress:

We aren't going there today, okay?

New Project:

I am on a mission.

 It actually reminds me of my In the Trenches post in April, I am that serious about it! 
 I WILL attend this show.  It is a full weekend, so my strategy is to get their on Thursday, the first day it opens.  It also happens to coincide with Button's preschool day.  SCORE.  The only problem?  Button seems to have the uncanny ability to get sick at the worst times.  Say a little prayer for me?'

I will be linking up with Lee on Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Even though it is still Tuesday!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Angels on Earth

Do you have those special people in your lives, that do the RIGHT thing at the most perfect moment?

Thursday, I came home to a box on my doorstep. was stamped on it.  I was not expecting it at all.  I was stumped. Did I order something and forget?  Did I have something missing in my last order?  Am I TRULY losing my mind with all of these boys in my house.  Are they slowly driving me crazy?

Of course, I ripped the box open! I found this fabric jelly roll in it.

Lucy's Crab Shack.

I recognized the jelly roll from a few weeks earlier.  I had entered William's Quilt at the Quilting Gallery in the "Quilts for the Little Ones" contest and the Lucy's Crab Shack jelly roll was the first place prize.  

I actually did manage to get votes for third place!  I also received BEAUTIFUL emails from bloggers/passerby's who had such wonderful and nice to things to say about the quilt and the work I do for Butterfly Kisses.

However, I was still a bit confused.
 I didn't order it.  Did I win it?  I clicked back to double check the votes.

Nope...still third place?!?!?!
Then I had my ah-ha moment. My friend Brandi had sent me a message earlier in the week to keep my eye out for the mail. I was having a rough few weeks and I thought she was sending me a card or something!

Cheeky girl!  She said that she had read that I could make 2-3 donation infant quilts for Butterfly Kisses with one jelly roll.  Sweet girl, she felt I should have won the contest, so she sent me the prize.


 It is currently sitting in my stash, waiting for the frenetic holidays to end and for me to find a bit of time to make a few donation quilts that I can offer to my babyloss parents that don't have anything for me to embroider.

Thanks Brandi!  I love it!!!!!   You are the best!

Anyone else have great friends like that!??!?

Pssst.  Don't forget to check out the Blogger's Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side.

Amy's Creative Side

I have received so many comments on my entry and am trying my best to answer them!  In the meantime, I am also trying to go through all the other entries.  I have already figured out that I am already following 250+ out of the 395 entries (as of midnight).  Not to mention a few that I recognize from seeing here and there.   I am so glad to be a part of such an amazing and talented group of quilters!!!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blogger Fall Quilt Festival: Artist's Palette

It's time again!

I have mentioned how much I love this GIGANTIC online festival, right?

I will be honest, I was really trying to finish a new quilt for the festival, but the stars did not align.
(pssst.... I promise..I didn't leave you hanging...sneak peaks at the end, my loyal friends)

Sometimes real life takes charge. Without further ado...this fall's submission.

My Artist's Palette Mini Quilt

It was the quilt that made me slow down this summer and enjoy the process of making quilts again.  It was for the Name Game Swap, Round Two on Flickr this past August.

My swap partner is an Art teacher in Florida. She stated that she would like something she could share with her class. She also wanted something incorporated from the area that the quilt came from. I think she was hoping somewhere more exotic than good ole Texas!

I designed a foundation piece to make the flying geese "paint globs". The little bandanna swatch would not have been my first "red" choice, but I really wanted to include a piece of Texas in there like she instructed!

I stepping out of my loops and meandering FMQ box. It was the first time for pebbles and swirls!  I admittedly, know it needs some work, but I love the look it gave. I also think the embroidery thread was the key component to making a rather ordinary quilt a bit more special.

I used black and white binding that seems to be all the rage for mini's. I was actually tempted to do a pieced rainbow colored binding until my Aussie friend Sharon at Lilabelle Lane steered me to the the black and white and I am so glad I did!!!  By the way...I "met" her through the Blogger's Festival.  *insert big cheesy smile*

Paint brush with name

I attempted a wood-like quilting on the handle of the paintbrush where I also embroidered her name by hand.

Brush Tip

A grey stripe for the brush tip. I tried to add quilting to mimic the brush bristles to help the gray fabric stand out on the gray background.

Quilt Stats
Measures:15 x15 in.
Special techniques: Foundation pieced flying geese, 
needle turn applique (center and palette), hand embroidery
Quilted by: Heidi Grohs (myself) on my Babylock Symphony (domestic sewing machine)
Best Category: Doll/Mini Quilt, Home Machine Quilted, Wall Hanging


Oh...and for my faithful readers that are still here to the end after reading all about my mini again?

A treat!

The do. good stitches bee quilt top I have been working on this week!

The top and border have received Button's full inspection.

Followed by his quick approval!

When he sits back and relaxes on a "kwit" top or a "titched" know it is good!

Can't WAIT to get it on Ole Betsy and start quilting this!!!!!


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