Wednesday, November 2, 2011

WIP Wednesday: A spooky sort of week...

I was so distracted helping the boys prepare for the Halloween festivities, that a lot of sewing went on hold.  I did get Button's costume embellishments, a bow tie and duck feet, just in time Monday afternoon see HERE.  It is amazing how fast I can sew on a deadline sometimes!

Monday actually was a very busy sewing day.  Halloween!

Halloween Throw Pillows

I finished FOUR of them Monday morning.  I am working on one more today.  

I found all the fabric on the remnant rack at Hobby Lobby.  The bigger pillow fabric are Home Dec fabrics.  

I started out with the idea of the cat and the bat, but didn't like that they didn't pop.

I appliqued the moon with some scrap white/beige fabric I had in my stash to make the black "pop".  

I used batting as my "stabilizer" so it would be a bit puffy.  I then cut out two cat and bat shapes.  One in the black burlap and one in the solid black cotton I had.

I needed to have the  cotton because the burlap has a very loose weave and also frays like crazy!  I love the look of burlap, but it sometimes drives me batty ( you ever get tired of my puns?)!

I then did outline quilting for the bat and some swirly curly free motion on the cat pillow. 

Simple envelope backings.  Makes it easy to do change outs for the holidays.
I realized after I was finished that the moon idea was meant to be. 
I looked down from the upstairs and realized the matched something else.


Today's pillow is going to be a bare tree in the burlap with either a small moon or much larger moon in the background...we shall see!

Mr. Boss doesn't understand the need for me to get them done on the holiday or after. I tried to explain to him that I would rather pack them away to be stored with the other decorations than have the fabric and WIPS sitting around in my studio.  Don't you agree?  

Hawaiian quilt

Only five total hand stitches made last week.  Every time I pull it out to work on the last few evenings, I end up laying my head down on a pillow and passing out.  Sleep wins over sewing. A very rare occurrence around here!

Puffy Quilt #3

Baby boy and momma are waiting patiently for our replacement fabric to arrive on my doorstep.
  I am still a little sad that I couldn't find the other fabric.  
10x10 inches!  Who knew it would haunt me so!!  Serves me right for designing a quilt without making sure I have enough fabric. 

The new fabric has brown dots on the white/cream background, but goes with the "dot" theme!

Covered Button Project

DONE!  I will share the final project on Friday! 

It comes with a tutorial...even though the more skilled sewers don't need it!

Highchair Cushion

Zero.  Nada.  Nothing.  No sad!

Cuppa Joe Block Swap

Did I mention that I joined a swap this past summer?
Well, maybe because I forgot?

Guess who has 24 blocks to knock out today.....

ME! ME! ME! 
Sorry swap buddies....I am doing nothing but the blocks.....I swear....

Except only after I finish Mr. Boss's laundry.  
He gets kind of cranky without clean socks.

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  1. I forgot about the swap too! Good thing I didn't sign up for it. ;) Happy sewing!

  2. love your ideas! Thanks for sharing.
    big hug :)


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