Friday, November 11, 2011

Veteran's Day 2011

I wanted to spend today THANKING all of the military veterans AND their families.

I took this on our recent vacation to Pearl Harbor

For those who don't know.  
This day is near and dear to my heart.


Because I am a Veteran!!!

Front Cover of MY Army Album (not the family album)

Army Nurse Corp


 Not only did I serve in Army ROTC for 4 years in college, 4 years Active Duty, and 4 Reserve.

I come from a long tradition of Army Veterans.
Front page of the Family Military Album

A few years ago, my AMAZING grandmother and I spent two separate week long visits working on our family Military Album together.  They aren't incredibly fancy because we made EIGHTEEN copies.  You heard that right!  EIGHTEEN!!!

We included my great-grandfather who served in WWI.

My grandmother wanted pictures of each war memorial related to the family member that served.

   My great uncle Jack who served in WWII.

The information is taken from the actual WW2 Memorial Website.  That is an actual picture of his bomber plane

He was shot down from his bomber plane SIX times.  SIX TIMES!!!!!

His special card to help him cross enemy lines...I accidentally put the info card upside down...fixed it today!!  Do you see him at the top of the plane!!

Then there is my grandfather. 

My grandmother and I did chronological write ups for each of the family members

An Army ROCKSTAR.  Served in the Korean War, and Vietnam on three separate tours. 

So cool...I love looking at these photos!

By the time he had left the Army, he was a Full Bird Colonel and had an impeccable resume. 


How many can say that they were on the Joint Chief of Staff?!?!?

There were some extended family members, but they weren't included in the album because we tried to keep it immediate family only.  And I have only shown you a few of the pages of each family members...there were definitely many more.

In the album...I was next in line.

A few of my ceremonies...and some shots with my little guys!

  Me...nerdy Heidi!  I can honestly say that was a very special time in my life.  I made life long friends with my college ROTC buddies. 

Some ROTC adventures....I have a FULL album of about 30 pages of ROTC photos and then another 20 of my Active duty days

We are all on Facebook and keep up with each other.  My husband and I meet up with some of them every year at each other's "spots" except for the past few years.  With some in Afghanistan and some friends stationed in is really difficult to get together!  But I know we will see them again.


 I also loved my active duty days.  I loved being an Army Nurse.  LOVED it!   I was stationed outside of Washington D.C at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia.  I was so lucky because I was able to go to Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Bethesda Naval Hospital for training.  I met some high speed Nurses because it was D.C after all.  And if there was a high ranking Nurse that needed attendees for their funerals at Arlington Memorial Cemetery....guess what lowly officers were called on hand?  It was such an honor to pay my respects these amazing women that had paved the way for all of us women in the military. 
Some photos from Officer Basic Course and when my friend, fellow ROTC nurse and college roommate came to visit us!!

  Oh, and that yellow arrow above?  My firstborn while I was at Officer Basic Course.  I am about 20 weeks there!  Yup, I was only 13 weeks pg when I left my new husband for training, I returned already in my third trimester...WHOA!

Me with my good friend and fellow Army Nurse....yup...they come in the male persuasion, too!!!

My second was born while I was in the military too.

My friend came to visit....Do you see my little man walking?  So cute!!!

Did I mention that there is a Women's Memorial in Washington D.C. now? 
I went there a few times shortly after it was opened!  It is at the Arlington Cemetery...check it out when you are there!!!

After me?  

My brother and sister joined the Virginia National Guard.  I don't have photos of my brother...we are still gathering them for his "section"!!

My family at my sister's graduation.

My sister married her husband whom she met at AIT.....They are now the "typical" military family.  

About 2 years before they were cute!!

Moving where the Army calls and taking care of business.  My brother-in-law has been to Iraq and is lucky to be around for the coming birth of their second child.

My brother is still trucking along.  He was sent to Iraq two years ago.  Not only is he doing his normal "guard" duties every month.  He is also a member of the Honor Guard.  He is called to do the funerals of the many that served our country.  I am so proud of him that he does these men and women justice at their final goodbye.  I am sure their loved ones appreciate the pomp and circumstance that is so deserved!

Is there more to come in our family?

The last page in the family album
If my boys have anything to say about it, it looks like a possibility.  But I am not forcing...I promise!!

But in the meantime....
I also want to give a shout out today to Quilts of Valor.  I just found a Valor Quilt Bee blog when I was blog hopping for the Bloggers' Quilt Festival.  Remember how I said you can really find some great blogs!  This one is very special.  They contribute blocks to the Quilts of Valor Organization.

I recently found out that you can volunteer your long arm services.  I don't even have mine set up yet. But when I do, and when I know that I have better skills on it...I will definitely volunteer my services!!  I actually have some old t-shirts and sweatshirts of mine I'd like to make as a memory quilt for myself someday....

Sorry this is such a long post....I guess I had more to say than I expected.  

Thank you to all that have served our military services in small and big ways.
Thank you to all those that have sacrificed life and limb for our country
Thank you to my family for supporting me when I was gone or working.  
Thank you to my husband for "following me" for those four years.  I hope I have paid you back by following you the following eleven years so far!
Thank you to all of those who stand by their husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters.  Without you, they couldn't do what they do.



  1. Many thanks to you and all of your family members for serving this great country of ours!

  2. Wow! Thank you to you and your family members for a great service to this country. This post was very touching...I loved you book and photos!

  3. Nice post. I had the opportunity of living with an american family for a few years while studying (a loooong time ago) and both my american "brothers" were in the air force reserve and their dad was in the air force too while the vietnam war. I have all my respect for those who serve in your country and any country.
    Your grandma and you did such a nice job with the book.

  4. Thank you for your service. I learned something new about you today.

  5. Beautiful post Heidi! Thank you for sharing your family's military history and Thank you for serving!
    I'm going to check out the Valor Quilt Bee right now!

  6. The military album that you and Grandmother put together is so cool. Thanks to you and to the members of your family for your service. It is much appreciated!

  7. Very cool. Love seeing this - glad I now have the link!


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