Sunday, November 6, 2011


I will never forget this quilt show!!!  Ever.

Here's why......

Mr. Boss decided that we would take the whole family.  He felt that this was really important to me and that the boys should share in it.

There is some serious hang in there all the way to the end of the story, okay?

As we first walked in...a quilt car. 

NOTE:  Please excuse blurry/non-focused/horrible photos.  It was VERY busy and I didn't want to annoy any of the more serious ladies that were there!!!!

My 14 year old son found these two special areas.  Apparently, I am old because all quilters need his mind...

 And that he needed to know where the first aid station was because he felt that he was in dire need of help.

But the boys discovered that quilts aren't all flowers and butterflies....

And Bean LOVED the animal quilts.

Bunny was fascinated with this made you get dizzy and the optical illusion was mind blowing!

There might have been a few yawns since we were there during  naptime...

But there were certainly some occasional giggles.....

Taken with Camera phone by the oldest.....he posted this on Facebook.....

Where else, but a quilt show would there be a "Ladies Only" sign at the Mens' restroom door!

I can't even tell you how many booths there were.  Too many that my brain was in overload.

And the boys had a lot of fun test driving long arm quilting machines.  I think they made the salespeople nervous, but they used them like pros...and it kept them busy!

And the quilts entered into the show?  Amazing.
You weren't allowed to take pictures of some of them.  But I took just a few of the ones I could.

Wearable Quilt Art Winner.

My mom would love this.  She loves all things "oriental" especially since she was born in Okinawa, Japan (on a military base..) you say?
I just couldn't decide.  But Mr. Boss wanted me to get this kit:

It didn't take much to twist my arm...we saw the finished project.

I think it will take me 10 years to finish it!

So many gadgets....

I only picked up the quilting paper, powder pounce, proportional scale, and tape measure.  They are tools to help with pantograph quilting.  They came with these.

Huge spools of quilting thread.  
Why do I need that you say?
Oh, I didn't tell you why my husband is the

Because I am picking up one of the demos of these...

My frame will be here by the end of next week!!


I am a proud owner of a new Handi Quilter  longarm machine!!!
HQ 18 inch Avante with Studio Frame

I will tell you who, what, where, and why I chose this brand tomorrow.  
I have to go pick my new girl up!
Oh....and recover from the shock...No more gifts for the next 20 years of birthdays and Christmases!


  1. How did the quilter behind the dizzy quilt not get dizzy while quilting? Impressive.

    That dress is gorgeous, the detail. My goodness! My daughter saw it and said "ohh pretty".

    You look SO happy with your machine. Have you named her yet?

  2. I would not mind not getting any other presents for a long long time! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Your husband is the best (though I have a pretty decent one at home!!!! LOL!!)

  3. Lucky girl. He is a keeper and together with your spunky little boys you make a beautiful family. xx

  4. I was soooooo hoping he had gotten you the long arm machine! Yay!!! Congratulations and so glad EVERYONE had a good time :) Kudos to the hubs.

  5. Wow! Awesome gift and how sweet that he and the boys wanted to be there with you. What an awesome Hubby. I love the kissing quilt. So pretty.

  6. Congratulations! That is so exciting! Wow!
    I am looking forward to reading all about how you get started with it and then what you quilt, too.

  7. Thanks all!! I am so stunned and overwhelmed. I almost think it didn't happen!!!

  8. I'm so happy for you! Mr. Boss is a keeper.

  9. Congratulations!!! I can't wait to hear more about it! I've been dropping the hint to my hubby that I'd really like a long arm, but I know nothing about them and don't exactly have the room at the moment. I'm anxious to hear about it and see your finished projects from it!


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