Friday, November 25, 2011

Grateful for the Ordinary

I realized yesterday that our Thanksgiving Day was ordinary.  Ordinary other than the fact that I made a big meal that took all day to cook.  But only 15 minutes to eat.

But I am grateful for the ordinary. 

Ordinary includes: 

Mr. Boss watching a little football with his boys.

A little basketball out on the driveway in gorgeous weather.

My boys spending time together.

Bunny enjoying his favorite activity.

 Button drooling all over his Turkey appliqued shirt and bib.  

I would show you the bib, but it is currently covered in Sweet Potatoes and Prunes.

So I will entertain you with me realizing that I officially lost my model.

He's a sneaky baby, this one.

 I even had some time to do the quilting on my Dots and Checks quilt top.  I thought I would give Ole Betsy her first "official"spin on a real quilt.

I gave some FMQ a try, but didn't like what I came up with.  It took about 2 hours to pull out the work.

Of course,  I had to make things difficult and choose a pantograph design.

 There is a lot "ugh" and "ewww, yuck" quilting, but it sure was fun!

 I just REALLY had to use the maple leaf pattern.

It isn't my finest quilt, but I think I will love it for being a bunch of firsts.  The first time I did a quilt again after the loss of my daughter in 2009.  The first time I did a pieced backing.  The first time I used my long arm machine.  And the first time I made a binding with different colored fabrics.

Which is still getting finished today!  I will share the complete quilt when I get it all finished!

But the biggest reminder that yesterday was just an ordinary day?

A pile of dishes always reminds you that a woman's work is never done......


  1. I like ordinary days too. Minus the dishes. ;)

  2. I love ordinary days. SOme of the best memories come from them. Your quilt looks great and wow your boys are growing up. Wont be long and all of them will be playing b'ball together.

  3. The little one is SO stinkin cute, I almost didn't notice that sweet turkey shirt!

  4. Ah, Heidi...I'd love to do "ordinary" with you any day of the week, holiday or not.:) I love this post. It's these moments that add up to mean something truly special. I'm glad your Thanksgiving was so ordinary. Now...where did we put that maid who does the dishes? lol Love you. Love this. Thanks for sharing you. xo

  5. I saw the post a few days back about your birthday and had every intention of wishing you a happy birthay. I must have gotten distracted and forgotten. So, Happy Belated Birthday! I love ordinary days...your boys are adorable, and the quilting is stunning....I have yet to even brave free motion on my sewing machine. Glad to see you got to try out Ole Betsy.:)

  6. Love the quilt, the boys, and the sparkling clean dishes!

  7. I am glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving day. I love the turkey t-shirt!!!!
    Dishes???? What´s that??? (hehehehe...!!!!)


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