Monday, November 14, 2011

My Long Arm Studio

Will be in the garage....

I've had a few inquiries about where am I going to put this new massive machine.  I think my friends were hoping it was going in my studio.

However, even though the studio looks big in photos.  It really isn't!  It is just a decent downstairs spare room that I marked on the house plans as the "studio".  And the awesome windows?  Awesome for natural light.  Not so awesome because it is one wall less for usability!!!

Am I going to complain that I will be in the garage?  Sweating away in the Houston heat from approximately March to October.  Will I complain when my feet are freezing and I can see my breath for the short months of January and February?

Heck no!!!  Are you kidding me?  I will have my NEW GIRL to keep me company!  The alternative is no machine at all!

The reason I am posting today is that THE FRAME for my new girl ARRIVED FRIDAY!!!  The company representative is coming this Tuesday to install it!  The day before my birthday! How about that Happy Birthday to me!!!

The space.  
I am going to need some help!  I have been perusing long arm quilting blogs for pictures of spaces.  Hate to say it, but there isn't much!  I did pin a few on my PINTEREST.  Feel free to go to my sidebar and follow me!  I follow back because the more inspiration I can find, the better!

When Mr. Boss realized that a 12 ft table was quite massive, we had some major readjusting to do.    Luckily, we have what they call here in the Houston area, a tandem garage.  Apparently, the builders around here think you would love to park cars one behind another!  But, if you are like me and grew up with a basement, you just see the extra space as potential storage space, like we did!

Mr. Boss went to work and moved that little refrigerator to the wall next to the freezer.  He also removed the cabinets from both walls and rearranged them throughout the space. In case you are wondering, these are do-it-yourself cabinets from Lowe's.  It takes two people to put them together, but they are working for us right now.  Some day, I will have a professional build some all the way up to the ceilings like our last house!  I cried when I left that garage behind....

The elliptical machine that was on the rug above was moved to go in front of the cabinets.  You can also see where we moved some of the cabinets.  The garbage cans got the boot from the corner!

I haven't told Mr. Boss yet, but I think I want to flip the elliptical to face the other way.  That way I could see the TV in the long arm area that way.  Oops, I didn't tell him about the TV yet!   
How many of you have to have background noise while quilting/crafting?  I do.  I think the house is too quiet when the boys are at school.  It keeps me company.

The one good thing?   Mr. Boss said that if we ever built a new house, he would have my studio built right next to his work bench area.  I have no desire to move for a long time.  No worries now!   My long arm will be right near his area!

And if you saw the passageway next to the freezer into the house in the 3rd picture?  When you open the door, the first door you see when you walk in is, guess what?  My studio!!!  So it is only about 10 foot walk from room to area.

So this leads to my questions!  Any decorating ideas?  Any thoughts to what I call this area?  Do I call it a studio too?  

And finally......I need a name for her.  I usually just name the machines by the Manufacturer's, but I think HQ Avante isn't enough.  If we can include Avante in her name, I'd probably like that!

Thanks for following the Chronicles of the new Long Arm Machine.  I hope you aren't bored with going along for the ride!  I think I need all the support I can get!  I am still not sure what I've gotten myself into!


  1. I think it is going to work out great! All you need for decoration is ...quilts quilts quilts...and you will have tons of them as soon as you start using "HER". TV??? Of course!!!! I always work with my laptop nearby and watch/listen old TV shows (right now I am on The Big Bang mode), new ones, the news, listen to radios....check my mail, check blogs ...anything that has human voices and keeps me company.
    Congratulations!!!! By the way my birthday is on the 27th...but no long arm machine for me...maybe a flying broom 8-)) !!!!

  2. I'm in awe over your organization. You should name your machine 'Q-vante' It sounds kind of French...

  3. I have no ideas on names, but I am super excited to see what you do in that area!

  4. Will the temperature in the garage affect the machine? Just curious . . .


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