Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The aftermath...

I hate to post already this week, but have you had one of those days/nights you will never forget?

We did last night.

As I mentioned yesterday...the boys had big plans to scare the neighborhood.


I bought the costume at Carter's from the clearance rack.  Since Button was born, Bunny has been fascinated with all of the "ducky" clothes, blankets, towels, and toys for babies.  So we thought that this costume honored the Ducky Nation.

Oh?  You didn't know there is a Ducky Nation?  Here is the pledge:

" I pledge allegiance to the Ducky flag, of the United Duckies of Ducky Nation.  And to the Ducky Republic for which duckies swim, one Ducky Nation, under the Great Ducky, indivisible, with ducky liberty, and ducky justice for all."

Here is the hitch.  The employee at the store made a statement that the costume was a bit girly...due to the tights.

So I went to work on a exaggerated bow tie and some duck feet. 

Button really loved them.

He kept the costume on for four hours...no fussing.

I have to say...it was truly a memorable night.  Even though they dressed up scary.

When I came home, there was a new "friend" that Mr. Boss bought.

And more spiderwebs in the yard.

The fog machine, strobe lighting and music were the show stoppers.

They scared the young and the old!!  
A lot of screaming and giggling.  

These are girls that were running and spinning....I had my camera set so the shutter was open for a long time to see more light!
Sometimes, there was hysterical laughing.  They would walk up and our spooky friends would be hiding or just in the vicinity standing utterly still like statues.

After the candy was grabbed out of the cauldron with swirling fog, they would turn around and the boys would move.....screaming, running, and then laughing would commence. 

Our house was declared the spookiest in the neighborhood.  
The boys were so excited.

Mr. Boss kept saying "See what you started with that spooky mantle?"

But Button says....

Don't worry...they are just my silly brothers......

They wore their official school uniforms, coats and ties to All Saint's Day Mass today!!!!!


  1. Oh my word. He is SO adorable!! Great job on the bow tie - perfect touch!

    Looks like a fun night! You guys would have scared me for sure. ;)

  2. Button looks soooooo cute!!!!!!! Beatiful customs, and the house....AMAZING...but too scary for ME!!! hahahha!!!! There is no way I would go near a house that look like that.
    I am waiting for my kids to get home from school to show them this post!!!!!!!!

  3. That is freaking awesome! I love Button in the first picture with the 3 masked men where he isn't sure what to think. Trick or treaters will think twice before hitting your house next year.

  4. really sweet! how beautiful is your duck meanwhile monsters

  5. Your house is beautiful! Even with all of the spookiness. It sounds like everyone had a great night. I like how your husband blamed it all on your mantel. ;) Button is the cutest duck ever. And getting so big.


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