Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WIP: Reality Bites

The holidays approach. All the creativity out there sparks more creativity in you. You start a project here. "Oh, that would be wonderful for Aunt So-and-so".  Add it to the list.  You see a tree skirt you really like at the local departments store "Oh, I can make that!".  Take a picture with your camera phone.  Add it to the list.

Sound familiar?  Doesn't seem so bad?

Until you put it all down on paper.  I have named mine:

My Ridiculously Long To Do List

Yup.  It is ridiculous. When I printed it from it made it super small and it still printed on BOTH sides.  The list was so long, I had to make sections...twelve of them.  Then I had a column for due dates and a column for detailed process steps.   The red highlights?  NOW and end of October due dates. I wish I could take things off the list, but I can't...until I finish them.

So that means I need to get DOWN TO BUSINESS?  Anyone else in the same boat?


Button's Nap Mat
The thought of Button sleeping on his plastic mat for nap time spurred me to get this done.

 I just finished the binding late last night.  I am in love with this Kona Turquoise.  Bold, bright, and a perfect match for the dotted fabric!

It is floppier than I remember the other boy's nap mats were, but I chose a minky instead of cotton on the inside.  We know that Button loves soft minky fabrics, and I already had this brown on hand.  I want him to feel like he is safe.

And loved.

I used this green dotted fabric I had hanging out in my stash.  It was destined for this project, considering I bought it for a maternity scrub top when I was pregnant with him.  But I didn't feel up to sewing one, so how fitting that it became his nap mat. 

I didn't have two blue buttons or two green, so I went with both.  I kinda like it that way!

Everything that goes to school has to have his name on it, so why not take advantage and make an applique?

You think he approves?

 He clapped!  Definitely likes my efforts!!

Name Game Swap
Oh...and speaking of finishes?  I finally posted the full view of my Name Game Swap.  If you haven't see it yet, feel free to click on the image below to see all the details AND to see the amazing piece of work I received. 
My Artist's Palette Mini Quilt

In Progress:

Baby Girl Quilt

On my design board.   Hoping to piece it today/tomorrow.  It is one of my NOW due dates!

I was tired last night and realize I have to really mix some blocks up.  I promise, I see the blocks that need MAJOR help.  I just sometimes get frustrated because I move one block, and then have to move 12 more.  Sometimes I think chaos is very difficult for me to do!!  It must not be a part of my nature!

Butterfly Kisses

Things were pretty quiet over at Butterfly Kisses this summer.

 Recently, things have been picking up and I am back to doing a blanket/item about every other week.


 I am guessing because of the official Pregnancy/Infant loss month, it is on all the mommies minds!

  Finishing up this one power was out all day yesterday and have one more in the wings waiting for my attention.  I suspect I have a few on their way, according to my emails!

No Progress:
You saw the Ridiculously Long To Do list, right?  Need I say more?

New Projects:
Of course?  What did you expect? 

Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt

I finally felt the urge to buy the book when I had my hands on a #talknt discount code for the Fat Quarter Shop.

Would not have bought this without the generous #talknt discount code from @fatquartershop.  I have finally caved in and bought it!  So excited!

I recently bought a duvet cover for our bedroom because it was on clearance and it had the gold of my current bedroom, but added a new softer light to the room. 

I am tired of dark and dreary dusty purple and dark dusty gold. 
The Farmer's Wife quilt will hopefully folded at the foot of our bed for an afternoon nap.  

Two bundles have already arrived.

Sky Blue Hope Cove


Sincere Best Wishes

I am waiting for one more bundle to round out some the corals, golds, and grays.
I will also be throwing in a few colors from my stash, but really wanted to have a focused color palette to work from and keep me focused on!

What is everyone else up to?  Are the holidays getting you geared up or gunshy?

Linking up with Lee

She is getting ready for the Summit....I am green with envy!!!


  1. That nap mat is genius. I wish I'd had one back in kindergarden. I know a few young ones who belong to some of my friends who might get something like that for holiday gifts this year. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Oh my goodness. Are you excited or overwhelmed? Enjoy your projects ; )

  3. You're so funny. I mostly did my year end list on my hustle post. But I did just order two Christmas-y patterns - which to be useful, I would have to finish by the end of November. We will see!

  4. oh. my. goodness - I agree though, same boat, i've just been pushing it all back till after SS, once I return though... i'll be paying for pushing it all back! :(

  5. Great projects Heidi! I feel ya on the rediculously long to do list...I tend to be even less motivated when I see it all laid out like that, super overwhelming! Good luck powering through!

  6. Your list scares me. I have a short list of things that need to be done within two weeks. I don't want to think about all of the "so and so would love that" or "I can do that myself" things yet. I'm getting a little anxious just thinking about it. I hope you don't have any more power outages, doesn't look like you can use them.

    <3 to the parents of those little hands.

  7. Love the nap mat idea. I used the dot fabric to back a quilt recently, too! The farmer's wife book is great isn't it? I bought one when it was on sale - I am starting mine after the new year - as you mentioned to-do lists are a lot larger when you write them out! Hope you get all of your list done!
    happy sewing!

  8. Oh Heidi, your list is begining to scare me! :o) I am going to love seeing these all come to life though and I have to say that I am loving the colours that you are going to do your Farmer's Wife quilt in. They make me want to restart mine (but I wont as I have 62 blocks done on mine). Also loving the nap rug, such a clever idea and your little man is looking like he is loving it. Now girl, get off your computer and get sewing :o) Aussie hugs

  9. I don't even want to know how much is on your list!
    You have lucky boys to get such cozy nap mats! I'm 27 and I still remember sleeping on that plastic mat with my little blanket.
    I love the fabrics you decided on for Farmer's Wife. I think that Sky Blue Hope looks like it was made to coordinate the duvet.

  10. I hear you on the schedule, I don't have as many projects as you, but I have almost no time to do the millions I seem to start!

    I love your projects, the artist's pallet is perfect! Button looks so cute and happy on his mat. And I bet you will get your Farmer's Wife done way faster than me:)

    Last but not least, you have a beautiful heart working on your Butterfly Kisses.

  11. I think if we all wrote out our lists we would be shocked, too. Still, it's a good way to work out your priorities. It is hard to resist temptation when there are new projects around.
    Good luck.


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