Wednesday, October 3, 2012

WIP: A Fresh New Start

I am trying to have a new outlook since a new month has started.  I am trying to lose all angst and anxiety over the quickly approaching holidays.  Instead of avoiding or fearing my list like I did last month, I am going to start posting the laundry list again.


Special Delivery Quilts

Finished baby quilts
via Flickr

Are all finished!!
I haven't had a chance to edit the pictures, so they will be coming...stay tuned.

In Progress: 


I have been in the car this week.  A lot.

Thank goodness for handwork, right?  I have these layouts pieced...well one more row to go.

The question is, due to the bad news of losing all those pre-cuts?  I have no idea what I am doing with these.  
Wish me luck.

Spiders and Webs, part deaux

I pieced the top!!  

I just have to trim the ends of the extra points and cut and sew border/sashing. Oh and quilt and bind, right?
Now that I put it that way...I have a ways to go, no? 
Wish me luck.

do. Good Stitches

I received the last two blocks from the ladies at Imagine@do.goodstiches last month!  It is time to start piecing it together! I was worried about the fact that I was really broad when I said ANY gray.  But I think it will work.  I have already decided that I want to do these on point.  In case you don't recognize the block, it is a paper pieced creation from Lily Quilts.  She calls it the ET Phone Home block. You can read more about my inspiration for this quilt here.

I am still mucking around with the layout.   I just ironed them and stuck them up on my design wall, so don't get too excited about unbalance, okay?  I also did not make my blocks in anticipation that I would need a certain shade of gray to fill in here and there.  At this point?  It has so much potential.  I obviously need to shift things. After that, I still have to make a big decision about sashing.  Do I pull the red?  The blue? Or the aqua?  Do I try to find a print fabric with all the colors?
Wish me luck.

Button's Nap Mat

Since Button has been healthy and attending preschool more, he seems to be adapting to the Stay and Play time in the afternoon.  I opted for it because he at least gets an hour and a half nap.  It is complicated to explain, but he would not get that much if I picked him up earlier! 

However, I realized that even though he has a mat at school, he is sleeping on plastic!  He curls up with his "buddy" blanket, but nothing else.  So, of course, me being the concerned mother, I have to make him a nap mat, right? 

I've chosen this fun dotted cotton from my stash.  It actually was intended for a maternity scrub top way back when, but I never got around to it!  I want it to be super comfy, so I have the plan to use the brown minky on the sides that he will be laying on.  We shall see how this goes! 
Wish me luck.

No Progress:

Primarily Sean's Quilt  
Figgy Pudding Christmas Quilt
Baby Girl Quilt
Craftsy Quilt
Thank You Quilt
Retro Flower Quilt
Merry, Merry Snowman BOM Quilt 

Here's to hoping that I can make some progress!  I just need Button to stay healthy so I can actually take advantage of his preschool days!  He has been quite sniffly again.

Any bets that my WIP post will look pretty much the same next week?
Wish me luck?

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Guest poster Debbie from A Quilter's Table is in charge today!


  1. All such lovely projects! Love the spiderwebs : )

  2. Whoa you've been busy. Your spider web quilt is looking great (wanna make mine?), and your hexies are of course lovely. =)

  3. oh I love your do.Good blocks! Really really nice, and I think the grays are great!! Thanks for linking up to wip Wednesday this week where I've enjoyed guest-hosting!


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