Friday, September 27, 2013

Memory Doll Quilt

This quilt is almost a sneak peak of the bigger version.
*Update: Large Version Posted HERE*

I am working on finishing touches on the big one.  Okay, confession, I am working on finishing the quilting and then need to finish the binding on the memory quilt I am working on.

The bigger quilt consists of two bins full of my friends pajamas.  Dating back 25 years.  Her mother has been making pajamas for the entire family every Christmas.  I'll explain the background of the actual print choices on the big one!!  This is just a sneak peek, remember?

This quilt is actually the pajamas from the last 12 years.  I cut a few small 4.5 inch squares to make a doll quilt for my friend's daughter.  Even her American Girl dolls get a pair of pajamas on Christmas, so I thought, OF COURSE, the dolls need a memory quilt, right?

The top left square was the year before she was born, but I figured that my friend was pregnant that year, so it counts and evens out the number of squares I needed!!

I chose a larger piece from the pajama year that her daughter was born in for the backing.

And dotted binding to spice it all up!

Okay.  Off to finish the big one!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Shuffle the Deck {Quilt}

I tasked the gals in our Imagine @ do. good stitches group to go SATURATED pink, purple, orange, and green.  Boy, did they!!!  They totally came through for me!!!

I worked up a classic Card Trick Tutorial, the same block, just in two different sizes.   

Piecing it together went quickly.

It sat for a bit because I had a bunch of other quilts in line for my longarm with deadlines.  I also struggle a bit with pieced backings.  I feel pressure to make them perfect.  Silly, right?  I was happy that I had a ton of this Simply Color Orange Ikat.  It is supposed to be for my son's Highlighter quilt backing, but he declared that he wanted minky. 

I decided to piece all the extra triangles the ladies sent me with their blocks.  There are extra when you put together the blocks. 

I also was stumped with deciding to do quilting.  I figured it was better to go simple and not waste a ton of time since I need to mail it to Threading Hope.  Meandering was the best choice.

I thought I had a ton of green, until I looked at my stash.
Ended up with solid Kona Sour Apple as the binding.

Overall?  Super happy with this.  The quilt is tumbling in my dryer as I type this post!
  It will be off to Threading Hope next week!

I am still working on the final .pdf pattern to share with everyone! I will be sure to post it soon!! This school year has left me running to countless football practices and games, open houses, teacher meetings, and room mom chores.  

I also have now tried to recruit quilt holders.  I have usually laid mine out on the ground or found some sorta way to hang them...but I see people with "Quilt helpers" all the time.

I had a ton of shots, but they usually ended up like this.

Or this

I miss these guys goofing off with each other all day, even though they are horrible helpers.
I want summer back......

Monday, September 16, 2013

Busy Bee

 I've been a busy bee this weekend.  It has been a do.good stitches kind of weekend around here!

August Bee Blocks

August bee blocks

Super cute blocks that Lindsay from Craft Buds assigned us!

September Bee Blocks

Retro Car block

I love these blocks from the tutorial that Amanda at My Sewcial Hour posted.

September Rooster block

So fun.  I don't want to let them go.......

May Bee Quilt

Last Friday, I had attached about 3/4 of the binding on the quilt when it started to act up by birdnesting.  I fussed over it here and there last week, but Saturday it seemed happy after I cleaned it and rethreaded the upper and bobbin.

I am one side away from finishing the binding!!!!

I also really need to complete the quilt tutorial I have in the works.  I think I will be a busy bee the rest of the week!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Charlie's Whale Song {Quilt}

Yes.  I am talking about THE Charlie again.

 My friend was determined to make Charlie a whale blanket.  We hunted for tutorials and fabric.
Unfortunately, he landed in the hospital with chest tubes and other paraphenalia galore.

Which means she couldn't make it for him.
Which means I, of course, had to make it for him because he NEEDED it!

I.  Love.  This.  Quilt.  

Not because I made it but I will ALWAYS see mermaids and whales in my head when I think of Charlie.


 I can hear whales calling from afar when I think of him.  Calling me to listen.  Really listen and remember that sometimes things are out of our control and that we have to just float along in this world and see where the currents take us.

Jessica sent the Out to Sea fabric that we found online.
I pulled some stash. Some blues to say "boy".  I knew Jessica would be fine with purples and pinks, but I really wanted dark blue so the white whales would pop.

 Orange is one of her favorite colors.  I think it gives the quilt the unexpected pop and draws the eye to the mermaids hair and the fish.

 The blue gingham is part of Buttons stash from his nursery.

The memoirs text....well of course I had to include my scraps.
It talks about the sea, and princes, gypsies, and princesses...

Simple patchwork.  I don't actually think I have ever made one.  
I am not sure why, but will now rectify that situation from this day forward!

Love doodle pantograph quilting.

Love Doodle #1 by Sew Thankful

Love doodle says it all.   I loved how it had movement like water, but there is also a subtle heart pattern.  

There was enough of the Out to Sea for backing since I went with patchwork.  However,  I had to use minky.  I just can't resist minky for the little ones.   Especially the ones with dots!

Then I had a HORRIBLE problem.  Extra fabric.  What to do?

Two pillowcases.
I did two different bands of fabrics.  We have a running joke that I have everything matching in my house and she has no two pillowcases alike. So I couldn't have these two ENTIRELY matching, right?

I had just enough to make two throw pillows.

I have to admit, I wanted to keep the patchwork one.

Then I took a few scraps and made him a birthday hospital gown.

A simple t-shirt that I cut the back and made ties on.  I felt bad, however, because he was recently released from the now I need to make him a full t-shirt!!!
A part of me hopes that he doesn't need a hospital gown again, but with his diagnosis, that certainly isn't a guarantee.

His auction is still running today until 10pm Eastern time.
I added my recent Christmas Star Quilt to be bid on.

It's not to late to help out the family with their expenses!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Christmas Star {Quilt}

My quick finish this week.

Simple giant star again!

 I had leftover Christmas fabric stash from my Blizzard quilt.

Two different tone on tone white fabrics for the background.
Meandering quilting.

Scrappy binding with fabrics from the top.

For those who are very keen...yes...the binding to the back is not done in this photo.

Pieced backing.

Quilt Stats
Measures: 56 x 56 inches
Pattern:  Giant Vintage Star by In Color Order
Quilt Top: Various Christmas Fabrics and coordinating cottons
Backing: Pieced Christmas Cottons (Reindeer and Snowflake pattern) 
Binding:  Christmas cotton scraps
Quilted by: Heidi Grohs (me) on my Handiquilter Longarm Avante

Do you like it?
You can have it!!!

I am donating it to the online auction that I have been a part of planning and preparing.

And if you happen to stay and browse the other almost 200 items, we wouldn't mind!

All proceeds go to Charlie's family for medical and living expenses.

Just make sure you read the rules of the auction first!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Never Just One Thing {WIP Wednesday}

I am always hoping that I will only have ONE thing to share on WIP Wednesday, but I can never manage it.  I always wonder what everyone is thinking about me!!!


My Aunt's quilt is done.

I just finished the quilt label last night so I can mail it off to her!

Charlie's Whale Song Quilt

 It and a few other things are on their way to Seattle as I type and you read. 

I am going to post his final quilt photos/post Thursday.  
 It will be my kickoff post for the online auction that I have been involved in for he and his family! 

 Keep an eye out!

In Progress:

Giant Christmas Star

I have this mess up on my design wall. 

I am rearranging to try to get the perfect balance.
  I REALLY need this to go quick!

Shuffle The Deck

Is loaded on my longarm. 

 I am praying for a certain wee one to sleep in this morning so I can quilt it before he wakes up and gets into my business. I am going simple meander for this one.

 New Project:
Pajama Memory Quilt

There are two bins filled to the brim with a friend's pajamas.  It's a long story and I will share all the details in the near future.  I can tell you that they have been at my house since Spring.  I need to scan them and get her a mockup of the pattern to her by this Friday.

Why Friday?
She will be there and I "see" her tapping her foot with her arms crossed in my head!
(in her defense, she won't...she is too nice for that.  I'm more worried I will disappoint her)

The biggest problem is that I am excited to see my friends and work on my family albums,.
However, that I am completely unprepared. No photos or any new supplies.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Based on my past, do you think I can get all of the things I need to get done in time?!?!?
Because I certainly just couldn't just have ONE thing, right?



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