Friday, September 27, 2013

Memory Doll Quilt

This quilt is almost a sneak peak of the bigger version.
*Update: Large Version Posted HERE*

I am working on finishing touches on the big one.  Okay, confession, I am working on finishing the quilting and then need to finish the binding on the memory quilt I am working on.

The bigger quilt consists of two bins full of my friends pajamas.  Dating back 25 years.  Her mother has been making pajamas for the entire family every Christmas.  I'll explain the background of the actual print choices on the big one!!  This is just a sneak peek, remember?

This quilt is actually the pajamas from the last 12 years.  I cut a few small 4.5 inch squares to make a doll quilt for my friend's daughter.  Even her American Girl dolls get a pair of pajamas on Christmas, so I thought, OF COURSE, the dolls need a memory quilt, right?

The top left square was the year before she was born, but I figured that my friend was pregnant that year, so it counts and evens out the number of squares I needed!!

I chose a larger piece from the pajama year that her daughter was born in for the backing.

And dotted binding to spice it all up!

Okay.  Off to finish the big one!


  1. I don't know that I ever would have thought of using pajamas in a quilt. What an awesome idea! Wish I'd thought of it about 20 years ago! Love the idea of a doll quilt, too.

  2. I love this! Both the annual pajamas idea and now the quilt from them--clever, clever, clever.


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