Tuesday, October 30, 2012

WIP Tuesday?

I know, I know.  It is supposed to be Wednesday, but my blog is filled with a Wicked Blog Hop post and a block tutorial in there to boot!

 So I am taking a few minutes to give you the scoop...not that you care, but it sure makes My Ridiculously Long To Do List dwindle!!

 The Itsy Bitsy Spider Pillow

My Wicked Blog Hop Block/Throw Pillow/Tutorial

It posts at midnight, October 31st.  HERE

In Progress:
Spiders and Webs, part deaux.

I have been working on piecing the back of Spiders and Webs, part deaux. 

I am in no way expecting to get it done by tomorrow...but I want it done to be packed away with the other Halloween decorations!

Mickey Mouse Trick or Treat Bag

I have gotten as far as an idea for the bag and pulled the fabrics.

 Since Button loves Mickey Mouse, I need to make him a bit spooky like the image above!
 I want this done for Button tomorrow!

Imagine (do. Good stitches Bee quilt)

I am in love with this quilt.  

I finished the sashing and the piano key border Wednesday and Thursday.  However, it had to take a backseat because of the need for some backing fabric.

Bloggers's Quilt Festival

Amy's Creative Side

I am still making my way through all the comments I am receiving and looking at other quilts!  There are over 500 entries now! AMAZING!!!!!  Nominations begin on November 1st.
 It is going to be tough to choose from all of them!!!

No Progress:

We aren't going there today, okay?

New Project:

I am on a mission.

 It actually reminds me of my In the Trenches post in April, I am that serious about it! 
 I WILL attend this show.  It is a full weekend, so my strategy is to get their on Thursday, the first day it opens.  It also happens to coincide with Button's preschool day.  SCORE.  The only problem?  Button seems to have the uncanny ability to get sick at the worst times.  Say a little prayer for me?'

I will be linking up with Lee on Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Even though it is still Tuesday!


  1. Love your projects. Thank you for keeping us readers updated:)

  2. I do hope you get to go and don't forget your camera so you can share with us. Hugs

  3. That spider pillow is adorable. Love all of your projects.

  4. The fly is the perfect finishing touch on your pillow! How creative!!!

  5. Love, love the spider pillow! Your little guy makes an already great quilt, even better!

  6. You've got a great list of projects. Enjoy Thursday! (and don't put it on your calendar, that is a sure tip off to the kids that it's something you are dying to do :-)

  7. "You had me" at the itsy bitsy spider.


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