Saturday, October 6, 2012

Vote for Me?

Instead of a big heated or not so heated political debate?
Why not choose a quilt?

How 'bout you just click on the link above and vote for William's Quilt?

I saw the Jelly Roll sponsored by Fat Quarter Shop and had to have it.

 Every once in awhile I have a momma that doesn't have an item for me to do a Butterfly Kisses embroidery on.  I occasionally charge...I occasionally donate. 

If I won this roll?  

I would definitely use it for up to 3-4 small infant donation quilts with my already existing stash!

So if you have a few seconds...okay about 20 seconds, could you scroll down to the bottom and click
"William's Quilt by Buttons and Butterflies"?

That's me!


  1. Voted! You're in third right now! : )

  2. Came upon your blog and wanted to vote for you! The quilt is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. Thank you SO much!! That is the sweetest thing!!!

  3. I've been disconnected all weekend and just clicked over only to realize voting closed an hour ago! Ack! Sorry. BTW I'm glad your in the hoop swap- should be fun!


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