Friday, October 12, 2012

Forget Dipping My Toe...

How do I tackle My Ridicoulously Long List?

I dive right in!  Head first.

I picked out all the stitches on these pants last night.
I am going to try to re-hem these pants for son #2.  Think I can get the creases out?

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I also took a bit of time yesterday to piece Lyla's quilt between house chores, doctor appts, and two soccer games.

Had to post the "blowing in the wind shot", right?

I am a bit annoyed that I messed up my block rows....again.  Not only the rows themselves, but within the rows.   It amazes me how I do that all the time!  Good thing it is supposed to be random.

I am on the fence about the applique I designed.  I thought the block was bigger than it was when I designed it...her name is on the edge.  But I think I can make up for it all when I take her out to Ole Betsy.    I already have the binding ready to go!

 I was also able to lay out a Moda Charm Pack I had bought last year, but never used.

I have been meaning to make a Halloween quilt for someone with it.  Now that I have Spiders and Webs and Spiders and Webs, part deux, I think a third halloween quilt would be a bit much for me.
Good thing my little sis is putting on a silent auction for her FRG (Family Readiness Group) up at Fort Lewis, Washington.    I asked if I could donate something.  She pretended to protest profusely.  

She obviously wasn't too convincing....

I need to finish it up cutting and piecing today so I can quilt and take pictures this weekend for her!  I would love to do something REALLY amazing, there are so many charm pack quilts out there, but because of the time constraints, it looks like I need something fast!  I am trying to adapt the Line Dance Baby Quilt over at the Moda Bake Shop to a bit bigger size.

Luckily, I finished the night off with some light reading.  

Via Instagram

I can officially renew my nursing license and not worry about it for another two years.

 I was pretty happy with all my progress.  Not too shabby, is it?


  1. I'm very very impressed with your progress.

  2. Super impressive progress Heidi. Keep it up and you will be though that long list! Hugs


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