Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Dear Santa,

Hey there big guy!  

Happy Holidays from me!  Hope you are not as stressed as I am this year!  I have to admit, I missed the tranquility last year after my surgery.  Not having to worry about deadlines or pressure of finishing a project was awfully nice.
I did finish three projects for my family and they made it out to the post office yesterday, so I do feel a bit of relief.  I know you "see" what I am doing everyday and probably caught the post about Gramm's Garden Party Quilt.

And I am editing the pictures of Pops Crossing quilt so everyone can see it by the end of the week.

And on Instagram I was busy posting pictures of my brother's coasters

and the quick notecards I made for my parents

 explaining the background of their quilts

 and what inspired me to make them.

But here's the real deal Santa.

I need a little bit of a push to finish my in-laws quilt that I have partially started.

 If you could possibly send the elves down my way, that would be great?  I don't mind if they want to come hang out with me since I keep late hours.  Buddy has just been too busy entertaining the boys to help me out.

 As for the boys quilts?  I am waiting on Teenboy #1's background fabric from Intrepid Thread, so I can applique all the hexies that I finished.

I just have to do the handsewing for the binding for Teenboy#2.  

His quilt label is already attached.

If the elves are too busy helping all the ladies that made the request for them to clean their homes on my Giveaway post, maybe Mrs. Clause is available?  I haven't even started the little boys quilts yet.  If she is can handle an iron or a rotary cutter, I would be happy to make her my Prime Rib Christmas dinner.

And maybe my Winter's Lane quilt could magically be under the tree all finished!??!

If not?

The microhandles for Ole Betsy would do very well.

Anyone else hoping for something under their tree!?!??!


  1. I would love an excuse from work to quilt more. Can someone help me please lol. You do amazing work and thanks for sharing

  2. That's an incredible amount of starts and finishes! Great job!
    I love the colors in that last one!

    Here via WIP Wednesday

  3. I am pretty tired after reading your post lol! I like the look of what you are making for your son, I will have to stop by again and see how it turns out!

    Stopping by from Lee's hop

  4. What a cute post and love the toilet seat cover;) Good luck to you on your projects!

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