Sunday, December 15, 2013

...To Be Jolly...

One person out of many should be extremely happy that they won this!

Congrats to


Who won on her second entry!
( DOES help your odds).

I loved all of the responses from the question.  I would venture to say that about 98% of the answers included something about cleaning.

The others were asking for baking help or wrapping help!

And I actually LOVED the winner's first entry

Who wouldn't love for elves to come help clean up AFTER?
Or better yet? 
 Clean up. Put all the decorations away in bins and up to the attic.
Then take on my regular "first of the year" chores like cleaning and organizing closets, dressers, and studio.  Maybe a pampering day.  There have to be elf spa's, right?

Ps. If I don't hear back from the winner, by December 18th, I will redraw a winner!!


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