Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Worst Enemy


I am on a mission to start hitting things hard.  I have a long list that needs to be tackled and I need to really spend every second I can working on it.  I just need to start ignoring "me" for a bit.

I have already been sidelined to make myself this cute Go Faster Box Bag the other weekend.

And I managed to work up a tutorial for my do.Good stitches bee blocks last week.

Card Trick Block in two different sizes!

Saturday, I managed to pull out all of my Fat Quarters out of their bins and get them out on a shelf so I can see them.

This past Sunday, I kinda-sorta tackled the list by finally making a new throw pillow out of placemats I bought for the family room.

And late night Mother's day, I was thinking about my little girl, and decided to design a Butterfly Kiss block.

It is paper pieced and am hoping to find a tester or two after I figure out how to get it into .pdf form.  I was able to finish it up yesterday morning.
Otherwise? I have been working on this.

I promised myself I would NOT take this up.  No knitting or crocheting.
But then I found the DVD I had thought I had given away and I just couldn't resist.   

The first starts were rough, and I do NOT plan on making sweaters any time soon.  But I have a project in mind for a simple square.  We shall see!

 Now to get focused on everything else on my list.  I can't even seem to blog regularly lately!  "Me" needs to settle herself down!!!

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  1. Wow, you've been busy. Everything looks wonderful...especially the butterfly block! Great job.

  2. love your pillows............and your FQs; lol. Your butterfly is adorable!!!!

  3. If you need a tester you have my email ;o) I love the look of the block. hugs

  4. You definitely got a lot done and the butterfly is adorable!

  5. I am in love with your butterfly block!
    I would really like to try it out!!

  6. You HAVE been busy! Your Butterfly Kiss block is lovely (and so is your story of Jamie...)

    Each of your projects is beautiful and I love your fabric - too pretty to keep hidden away.

  7. I'm always up for testing a fun new pattern so just let me know :)

  8. Yup a quilters brain is always in motion ya know what I mean?!

    I really like the butterfly.

    Where did you get the shelf that your fabric stash is on?

  9. Wow! So many fun projects! I especially love the bag and the bee blocks.

  10. What fun to see all your lovely projects! Love those hexagons on your go faster bag!

  11. I love seeing your updates! Welcome to knitting :)

  12. If you Need a tester i will, i love pp...

  13. Whoa, you've got a ton of things going on! I love love that adorable butterfly. Just read your story - the butterfly is perfect. Hugs.

  14. Love your butterfly. My next project I want to paperpiece. I really like it and don't know while I don not do it more

  15. I love the bag and those fussy cut rooster hexies! And the butterfly is really cute.

  16. Love the box bag and it sounds like you had a very productive week :)


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