Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Got it covered!

I am not really into reviews of items that are non-crafty...but I HAVE to share this!

About two weeks ago, my iPad2 arrived at my doorstep.

I love it!  I love how it perfectly syncs up with my iMac. 
Calendar, email, notes, to do lists, and internet!  Carpool mom heaven!


Did I mention that I love it?

So what am I reviewing?

iPad covers. 

Of course, I was dazzled by the iPad Smart Cover offered by Apple.

Too bad that I have nothing good to say about it other than the color.
It "snaps" on magnetically. It just covers the screen.  It folds so you can use it as a keyboard/monitor.

Who did they design this cover for?  Obviously, not for a mother with a house full of boys.  As soon as I snapped it on, my oldest made a grab to check it out.  The cover flopped off and he almost dropped it on our tile floor.   The cover makes marks on the screen where the folds are. Not too impressed with the folding action.

It constantly flattens out and "unsnaps" on me.

And for this on-the-go mom, it gives it no protection on the backside in my bag. 
Frankly, unimpressed....
A waste of $39.99.

A hunt ensued.  You know how much I like a hunt!
Remember the ladder?
I hit the jackpot. It arrived on my doorstep today!

A leather cover.
Strong and safe.

Transitions into a stand beautifully.

It's pink.
The cost: $20.99

Guess what is going right back where it came from!

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