Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day.

I have always thought it was a Catch 22.


Too many expectations.
Too many conflicting emotions.
Never sure if you are supposed to be pampered.
Never sure if you are supposed to spend the WHOLE day with your kids.
Or is it with your Mom?

I have many friends that have so much to say about this subject.

I have to say that this year's Mother's Day isn't exactly memorable for any certain reason.  We will remember it because it was James' first dip in our pool.  Notice I am missing two boys in the picture?  Didn't I tell you that only one cooperates with us! The new one has no choice!

What are some of the memorable Mother's Days?  I have had been taken to a fancy brunch at the Botanical gardens.  I have had a couple at the ballpark watching the Astros swing pink bats.  
I have received flowers in vases.  I have received flowers in flats to be planted that day.

I have received jewelry.  Or nothing.

But my favorite....the little sweet nothings that the boys give me.  And who do I have to thank?  Other awesome moms that teach my children!

So I just want to say that, yes, Sunday was Mother's Day.  

But, really?

Everyday is Mother's day.  Even for those whose little ones who aren't here in their arms.  
You know who you are...........

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