Monday, June 20, 2011

A Day for Dad

We have just returned from a wonderful trip to the Northeast.

But, first, I wanted to say that this Father's Day was a bit different.  I actually have a really cool project, but dear hubby ruined it by coming home early the other day.  

But, we will forgive him because we love him!

It also was the first time we have "celebrated" Father's Day away from home.  I actually feel bad for ALL the Father's.

  It was really about the gaggle of boys that had so much fun!

I have something REALLY amazing to share about the trip, but the laundry room is calling to me! So I hope I can sooner than later!

In the meantime, I will just share this photo.  

I have been practicing taking photos without using my auto mode thanks to the new e-book I bought.  Remember Katie's Book?

  I was really excited because I FINALLY was able to get the mood of a campfire without the horrible washed out look or just complete darkness.

However, little did I know that it would be so blurry and shaky. 

It isn't because HE was moving. 

It was because I was laughing. 

I often feel that God gave us so many boys because he can offer his sons so much.

  He shares his humor, his drive, his humor, his heart, his humor, his tenacity, his humor, his creativity, his humor, his love, and hmmmm....did I mention his humor?

And a butterfly flew by yesterday morning.  
All the way in New Hampshire!

I think Daddy's Little Girl stopped by!

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  1. Oh this is so beautiful, Heidi!:) So glad to have shared some of these moments in your life with you. SO good to have seen that laugh...;-)


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