Sunday, June 5, 2011

A lot WIPs here

Not just WIPs
(work in progress for those who don't know what it means) 
for quilts or sewing projects, but life in general!

I think I managed to buy or acquire a few amazing things and I am now trying to figure them out this week! 
Which means I am not getting much done in the studio!

First, I found this awesome ebook through a giveaway on another blog.  I didn't win, but was really intrigued by it, so I bought.  It is already so well worth the money!!!

The book is about photography.  I "dabble" in it.  Seven years ago, hubby bought me a beautiful SLR camera.  I have been using it on auto for a very long time.  When I saw this last week, I knew I had to investigate:

 I really want all my fellow bloggers to check it out!
  It can really make your blog look amazing if you use your camera to its full extent. 
 The first night, I got these results:



I have been playing around with some I will dedicate a post to it sooner than later.  Even Katie's blog is amazing!  

Second, I finally received my newest edition of Adobe Photoshop Elements in the mail.  I needed a new version for my Mac.  I have been missing the ability to really do a good editing job on my photos and also want to improve my "watermarking" for the blog!  I still need to download it...


Third, I received the gift of Adobe Illustrator CS5 from an acquaintance.  I am absolutely overwhelmed by her generosity (a $699 price tag) AND by the program.  I have to buy a 500 page book just to use it.  But it will be so helpful with my designing of embroidery and appliques!  
All I need is the Embroidery plug-in and I can finally work strictly on one computer!  
Music to my ears!!!

Fourth and finally,   Guess who arrived?  My darling girl! She is no longer a dream! She sat in her box all day Thursday.  Sat on my counter all day Friday.  And we finally got to know each other a bit yesterday.  I am working on Button's  quilt.

  I have a few projects to do and thought I would work out all the kinks.

Umm....there are no kinks with this beauty!  I finished the top last night.

  It took a few tries due to technical difficulties with my design wall.  My flannel fell down and had to rearrange them a few times.  I finally just laid my flannel on the bed!

 Time for quilting today!!!

Postscript:  Look at the cool new watermark I made after I installed my Photoshop

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